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A mariachi ogre snorkel
Recruitment drive going splendidly, morale is high
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In general Ukraine news, since their central bank devalued the currency (UAH/hryvnia) on July 22 by 25%, people are concerned about the currency completely collapsing (hyperinflation?). Friends are now carrying USD in their wallets rather than UAH, and the Ukraine economy is looking grim. Reports of 24% inflation - although people I spoke to were still shocked at the price of our tomatoes and cauliflower when converted into UAH. The borrowing interest rate is now 25% (sensibly above inflation, but far above the luxury "free money" rates that we have enjoyed for the last decade or so).

I was talking about FL Studio to a friend, and suggested they buy it for $99USD because it's lifetime updates. They asked if it could be pirated, because $99USD is "half a month's salary", which is about the minimum wage there. Good times. At a guess, that's likely one of the reasons you don't know many Ukrainians in your own country, or why they don't all just up and leave, because who can possibly afford to save for plane tickets AND have a stash of cash to start a new life in a country with higher wages (and also higher living costs) - especially for a family - with wages like that? It looks like national pride, but scratch the surface and it's relative poverty. Such a brave people.

GDP of $200B for 40M people... and their rebuild will cost probably double that, if not more given global inflation and the state of .. everything. There are many poor countries in the world, but a poor country with oil? "America must step in". Uncle Sam's gonna be as gentle as a lamb. He portrays himself as upstanding member of society, but he lives a double life. Grooming Ukraine since 2014.
Finger rolling rhythm, ride the horse one hand...
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A mariachi ogre snorkel
A poor country with the most fertile soil on the planet.
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