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Old 25th December 2022, 21:18     #1
A mariachi ogre snorkel
Merry Xmas savages, 2022 edition

Spent the day at a fleurieu beach, am covered in sand and salt right now. On beer 2. Kiwi care package arrived just in time for Xmas, so the pantry is well stocked with holiday essentials - rashuns, pineapple lumps, whitlocks tomato sauce, huntley and palmer’s cream crackers, peanut slabs, onion soup mix for the dip, etc. my kitchen looks like a small town Four Square circa 1982
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Old 25th December 2022, 21:32     #2
Merry Christmas!

The local beach was busy compared to the last few years. Nice calm day at the beach, almost surreal the people chattering, slow waves, but no heavy traffic. Idyllic day.

Opposite of what my North American friends have been describing. Altho not everyone's upset about cancelled travel plans.
Stay shook. No sook.
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Old 26th December 2022, 08:01     #3
I have detailed files
Had a relaxing day (after frantic driving around to visit siblings after the main event got Covid'd and my sis-in-law was left with a stupid amount of food, and only a sick husband on the couch).

Ended up participating in the Quiz Collective Xmas edition with the neighbors, and didn't do too badly.

The (now adult) kids have gone strangely retro - the lad getting all up into Nintendo Switch and Pokemon after re-discovering his old DS carts, and the daughter exploring vinyl, by way of entry level Taylor Swift, but for now, I have to take her to PennyLane (and not spend too much myself!).
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Old 27th December 2022, 09:12     #4
Merry Christmas, spent a week trekking in a rainforest (Lamington National Park) with the 3 sprogs. Was an awesome experience and a great way to decompress from the year.

Ate Pannetonne and Whittakers with copious amounts of Nespresso
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Old 28th December 2022, 17:35     #5
Belated Merry Christmas - stayed sober, gave my Mum COVID, and watched my fat bastard BIL gorge himself with his big guts - he put me off eating with his constant commentary on food and ways he likes to cook things. I sat and got stoned, and scribbled all the things I would rather be doing instead of working, and ended up with 16 pages (of those little square "memo cubes") of ideas and tasks for 2023. Mostly things I've been putting off because work got in the way. Fuck going back to work, I told them I'm not interested anymore. Better things to do with my life than worrying about other people's problems. 2023, the year of the hermit.
Finger rolling rhythm, ride the horse one hand...
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Old 1st January 2023, 12:38     #6
A mariachi ogre snorkel
Happy new year all!
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Old 1st January 2023, 18:11     #7
Happy New Year ppls!

Scorcher here in Radelaide...36 today
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Old 7th January 2023, 23:48     #8
How the actual fuck have we survived this long?

Merry crimbo, new year, etc you crazy fuckers! Here's to continuing to survive despite the fucked up odds.
Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

وكل يوم كنت تعيش في العبودية
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