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Old 3rd March 2004, 22:51     #1
TFers You Admired

I was bored so I thought I would make a thread about the 5 players you admired when you played TF.
Can be people you looked upto or good sportsman or players you wished you were as good as, please include the reasons why you chose that person for your list so we dont just end up with 5 names on a list.

Can be current or former TFers it doesnt matter. But Kiwis only please

In no particular order this is just the order I thought of them:

1) Shoyu - I admired his soldier skills, he was always polite and a good sportsman.

2) Purge - I also admired his soldier skills, he always played fair and I never saw him get angry on server.

3) Corrupt - I admired him for his sniping skills mostly, he was by far the best NZ sniper I ever saw and his soldiering was top notch.

4) Jimhend - I admired him for his medic skills, he was one of the best NZ meds I ever faced and was a good guy aswell.

5) Jaguar - Jag was a mean medic aswell as a great pyro, he never did learn to sj but that didnt stop him from kicking arse, I remember him killing many a soldier on G3.

Obviously there is a ton of people that could be added to that list but thats just the first 5 I thought of that were worthy.

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Old 3rd March 2004, 22:55     #2
Ali G - For his apt use of the words you = and fagot
Insanity - because he seemed so damn good at every class (gogo scout def)
bliP - oh the power (not in the ret idol kinda way)

thats about it

Last edited by Azmodan : 3rd March 2004 at 23:10.
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Old 3rd March 2004, 23:12     #3
Changeo mindo - the one and only MrTTTT, champion of champions, this man changed TF for many.. top of my hall of fame

suck suck
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Old 4th March 2004, 09:02     #4
Back in th mega TF days id have to say

1) volitile for being such a hard man

2) stormlrd for being the best sniper ever

3) the whole TC clan, always wanted to be in the first one.

Thanks about it i guess =P
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Old 4th March 2004, 12:08     #5
Volatile and Kahn.

Now theyre both just homos.
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Old 4th March 2004, 13:57     #6
Purge - had a run-in with him once but I do admire him. Did a lot for NZTF... something I never bothered. He's like a father

Ancedine - really admired his skills. One of the best demoman around. Learnt and utilised new tricks and tactics fast.

diGriz - the best team player and strategist I've worked with. Really enjoyed having him on my team. It's really what made TF fun; planning strategies and learning together before and after a clan game.

bliP - admire him for the amount of time he's spent for the better of NZTF. NZTF would be nothing today if he wasn't around. A very smart player with solid skills in-game

Zodiac - a very good team player who stays calm and knows what to do in any situation. Someone I can't do without in my clan for many reasons... Talks quite a lot I do admire that to be honest! :P

Jonan - professional map-maker with unique ideas! I've always wanted to make maps, but again, never bothered. NZTF would be a lot more boring without your maps Hats off to you J!

Edited to reduce my list to the very top people I admire!

Last edited by Shoyu : 4th March 2004 at 14:07.
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Old 4th March 2004, 16:49     #7
Kosta - shows true power of blue scout
Ret- - The definition of intelligence
Wolverine- have to admire those chasing skills
Shoyu- where do i start, apart from the fact that the fagot doesnt play anymore!
bliP- even tho hes PEE EN PEE, he shows tru commitment
hs_of_mong- his abilities to accuse someone of being racist
jin- coz his name is hayden
fatty- the only asshat thats actually nice to me~!
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Old 4th March 2004, 17:02     #8
Originally posted by W0Lv3R1nE
Ret- - The definition of intelligence
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!:D:D:D:D
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Old 4th March 2004, 17:54     #9
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Old 5th March 2004, 13:11     #10

funny coz they all from the same family


why? just because

Last edited by Gambit : 5th March 2004 at 13:13.
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Old 5th March 2004, 14:51     #11
bushwally because of the legendary icq chats!
'I cant see xyz' 'oh wait there he is' 'nope hes gone again'
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Old 5th March 2004, 20:15     #12
TTTT cos he is just a real nztf icon/stalwart
Orion for putting up with my demands for a secret creamed corn room in fort0rz
Avatar for making the coolest nztf vault frontpage - which I stupidly deleted by accident
Bob Magill for letting me join ffp , incidentally anyone know where he is these days?
countless others too, shrimp&slime, neotiger, adunaphel, nerdboy, the whole tmc/ffp crew.
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Old 6th March 2004, 00:49     #13

Um, I'm the kind of person that usually (unless you're a complete tosser) has something they like or admire about most people. Even if I don't always agree with them or what they do. That philosophy can get you in trouble though, but only usually with the rednecks, itís how I do things anyway.


There's a lot more, but here's the main ones put down in a historical order:

Homer: For being able to talk me into joining a clan for the first time.
Avatar: Really cool guy and and an excellent thinker (would work well with Shoyu).
Insanity: Same as Az said. I had the pleasure of seeing him go from Sniper to being in control of anything.
Bjorn: Innocent in a good sense, gave anything a go and tried real hard even though he played keyboard only.
FarQ: This guy could find an opening in anything.
Chopper: For being the only real HWGuy we had and helping with TFT when Homer split.
KillerGod: For the first QWTF competition I played in, gave me the taste for more.
Adunaphel: A great person to talk to, funny and thoughtful.
Shrimp & Slime: A really cool couple, good friends.
Blam: For being the longest running clan leader and never giving up while he played.
MrTTTT: Mr. Controversy himself, really decent guy to talk to underneath the fire though.
Shoyu: Accurate thinker, has total perfection on his grenades. Very cool to speak with.
Kahn: For trying to make everything Hollywood.
Swoop: Awesome Medic and Soldier, humorous as hell too.
Souless: For pissing everyone off all the time, you were a cool and funny guy though
Jonan: For not taking anything too seriously, being open minded and trying to get new maps played.
Raffe: For being a dedicated player and for not being a bandwagon jumper.
Blip: For trying to keep things alive.
Jin: For making me laugh.

As for aussies, only really 2.

ToyKilla: For taking the time to show someone priming without being holier then thou about it.
Cann: A machine, always willing to help too. Good guy.

[EDIT] Fluked typing

Last edited by Anthony.S : 6th March 2004 at 00:58.
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Old 7th March 2004, 22:37     #14
Ahhh this thread just makes me think of the old days!

I never had one person or a specific number of people I admired really as I tried to never take sides I think, I admire everyone from back in the day that I played TF with like FFP, BRK, DOW, COM, X-es etc. Those who played to have fun and knew where the limit was!

Yes and if anyone knows what old bob magill is up to these days It'd be great to find out!
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Old 7th March 2004, 22:44     #15
everyone for making tf what it is.
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Old 7th March 2004, 23:21     #16
People that stand out.

bliP - Good cunt, cept he loves itp.
Purge - Looked up to you more than you probibly know.
HS - Keeping me honest.
Kahn - Lil guy from Maketu made it big in the TF world.
mpx - <3 matt
AzMOdANN - The guy that laid "cl_carefactor 0" down.

The rest of you suck.
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Old 8th March 2004, 01:04     #17
Yeh I reckon jin because he looks me in the eye while I rape his mouth
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Old 8th March 2004, 01:08     #18
You gonna get raped!
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Old 8th March 2004, 11:44     #19
lol dunno

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Old 8th March 2004, 16:16     #20
cant vote for yourself fag
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Old 8th March 2004, 21:55     #21
Thumbs up

yeah, I still linger round here.. hehe, and I won't pass up an opportunity to reminisce ;D

Purge of course, top-notch player, not to mention always working to improve the game and bring in positive server/rule changes, new maps, organise things, and over and above that he was my mentor for a large part of my TF 'career' (for lack of a better word!!) and taught me everything I knew ! Thanks

Oh, and it was definitely his efforts that turned TFT from a pack of newbies pulled in fresh off games3 (I know that's how I was recruited at least, hehe) into the clan that beat BRK to take SE1.

Other than that, Mojo/alpine also with the way he went from unheard of to godlike in a matter of weeks

All my clanmates over the years, TFT, X-es, POW, DOW, lah being the promiment ones - it was great to fight alongside all of you guys.

Shrimp/Slime for setting us up a lot of stuff (servers) even though as I remember it we were a largely unappreciative bunch at times - I still remember the flame thread that lasted well into the night over a missed booking..

..and almost everyone else as you were great guys and a real blast to play with. Maybe it's some warped sense of nostalgia/I've become jaded in my old age (lol ;D) - but no online gaming experience since has compared to QWTF and I doubt that'll change.
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Old 8th March 2004, 23:30     #22
you've become gay and fruitless in your old age insanity.

i admired Marku$.

oh and purge, if you read this. i live in hamilton, i forsee a night of drink as a potential option of the future. get in touch!

Last edited by MrTTTT : 8th March 2004 at 23:32.
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Old 8th March 2004, 23:47     #23

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Old 9th March 2004, 08:16     #24

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Old 9th March 2004, 16:56     #25
tf is gay

nzgames is hosted on 14.4
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Old 9th March 2004, 20:44     #26
I loved the early days, TFT was the most fun. Good ppl.

Nice to see you around Insanity, you were very cool

Tom heh, would be keen if I ever get some spare time, I've tried your ICQ number you left a couple of months back but dunna go?
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Old 9th March 2004, 21:32     #27
Re TFT recruiting methods: I remember being on games3 while homer was trialling farq I believe it was... with homer spectating and telling farq what to do and where to defend etc, I completely took the piss out of homer and his recruiting, then what did they do? Beat the crap out of us thats what !!!! Salute homer !
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Old 9th March 2004, 22:40     #28
i dont use icq , its all msn

themrtttt at hotmail
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Old 10th March 2004, 16:10     #29
Originally posted by MrTTTT
i dont use icq , its all msn

themrtttt at hotmail
hang your head in shame.

i dled ut2k4 demo purge, its good. doesnt take much skill but its fun and a nice change from semi realistic games. one thing tho i cant seem to find the map in that clip you linked.
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Old 15th March 2004, 17:28     #30
DM-Rankin, it's pretty ugly but nicely laid out.

Re skill thing I hear you, but it's like TF in the respect that when you get good players you get a good competitive game because they know the tricks. Otherwise it can be a bit of a spamfest with newer players.

Check out for other ppl and vehicle tricks, heaps of vids around raf.

Will add soon Tom, got a series of paintings I have to finish by Weds.
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Old 15th March 2004, 18:02     #31
ill have a read later on, cheers.
goodluck with the paintings btw.
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Old 15th March 2004, 18:36     #32

Surprise all I'm still around although don't have qwtf or any other game on the PC.
Wouldn't remember how to install it these days lol

I admire you all, even though we had our UPS and Downs, more down than up but what the hell. I think we would have all become better people now.

Only a couple that I still keep in contact with these days from the old school.

There's so many ppl that I could rattle off from the good old days but I wont go there as I think I can now say I could look up to you all.

One's that do stand out are.....

Far to many more to remember.
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Old 15th March 2004, 20:34     #33
Thumbs up

His HW is awesome. Always a pleasure playing with.

Whenever I played against them, or with them, they were always gentlemen.

I just think thesword is great map, which is under played.

Great map author, bam4 being the most played. His others are overlooked, brave1, ironfort, emp1, bases (which is what mbasesr is based on.)

Good quality maps. machn1 is a great map, but maybe to confusing for the general public to learn.

rtnest1 is classic.

Showed me how a clan works and clan matches work.

Mentor & Raffe
Much respect.

What he has put back into NZTF, and his spamming skills .

Always gave me a lot of time.
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Old 15th March 2004, 22:56     #34
Thumbs up ok seriously

Warnight - for the obvious reason, giving me tf, spending the whole night setting it up, even coming up with my name

Larry - Welcoming me into his clan...after I pestered him for hours, not even fully understanding the concept of a clan.

Lah - Strictly achievements.

Bushwally - Always had time for me... no matter how young I was(am).

Purge,M3NT0R,Raffe - Real leadership throughout the VsD days.

Shoyu - No matter how hard I try to insult him, he's too nice to say anything. All around good clean player, showing real skill under any conditions and never once complaining, the definition of modesty. Always willing to help.

blip - Always willing him me in sticky situations, never forget how he helped me to get quake up and running again for the second time. Keeping NZTF active.

Jonan - Never giving up on his ideas, no matter how long it takes. The results show.

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Old 16th March 2004, 01:59     #35
Originally posted by zodiac86
ill have a read later on, cheers.
goodluck with the paintings btw.
Cheers raf, getting there
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Old 16th March 2004, 11:21     #36
is it too late to suck blips cock?!?!
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Old 16th March 2004, 13:07     #37
Big Smile

I think Shoyu..
never had a bad word for any one
and just let his playing do the talking..

Shrimp and Slime...
always encouraged me even though I wasn't L33toRz

I don't know how the hell Blam did it
but he hung in there with us and I think
generally we all played well together.

Lah..big bunch of gobbys..
but I admired their skill level.

Nerd Boy..hope life is treating you well mate..
one of the best people I've met in RL
and last but not least...

Stormlord..much like Shoyu..
a machine who just let his playing do
the talking..
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Old 16th March 2004, 14:33     #38
stormlard fucking scuked he was a faggot shittalking newbie.
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Old 16th March 2004, 16:17     #39
Rolling eyes

Originally posted by ForKoreaLove
stormlard fucking scuked he was a faggot shittalking newbie.
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Old 16th March 2004, 16:18     #40
He could spell properly though...
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