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Old 29th April 2024, 11:41     #1
Broadband at holiday home

First world problems, I know, but why are there basically no "holiday home" broadband plans.

My parents have a small place up north, and its great to go up there with the kids, but its quite limiting with no internet (and mobile data being pretty limited).
Can't do any work which would let the family extend their time there. And most of the year it is not required

The only one that I can see at the moment is Sparks Portable broadband.

$15 a month for 1GB, go over that and its $49 for 40GB.
So 3 months of usage would be $285 = $24 a month
2 months of usage would be $250 = $20 a month

Are there any other options out there?
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Old 16th May 2024, 14:16     #2
I have detailed files
Mr Musk would like a chat... but you'd need a big cheque book.
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Old 17th May 2024, 11:13     #3
Yep, that is the issue. Not enough use to constitute a large price tag
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Old 18th May 2024, 15:54     #4
I hope you choose to embrace the disconnect than pony up the cash.

Altho, I get that might preclude work/study-from-holiday-home opportunities, which sucks.
Stay shook. No sook.
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