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Old 30th April 2002, 17:56     #41
Warnight came ova to my house one day installed quake 1 for me and i ended up playing that for about 3 months. Then he comes back after while and d/l quakeworld 4 meand namemaker and came up with my name, i didnt agree with it just said "yeah whatever" and carried on playing Sega Master System II! So anyway he logs me ontot this server and pushes tab and the first person i see is poo-bum
i cracked up for ages .
Asked Holy Avenger/Soulblade if i could join WkH that clan ended up to be quite good only lost to TfT .

That dibanded after the league in 1997 and i joined Q0D which was lead by some guy called protester then he left and gave it to Orion blur was also in that clan
My dad canceled the internet connection after that coz we were going overseas for a month :/

came back in 2000 in may and joined this clan called baal. that sucked shit so then i joined 1NC. looking for a decent clan i went thru quite a few :/ then finally joined KeY after that disbanded
finally came up with my own clan called SuA lol name was thought up by anarchy and me we had good players, Ice Fox Haze, Lion Rico Deac Dakaha Khartoum and some others....
disbanded that coz no one was ever online or turned up to practices joined tmc i had a good go there then took a break when my computer fucked up on me :/

came back about a month ago slutted for tc and tna
now im in tna

p.s thatnks to blip, shrimp, silva who helped me get quakeworld running, and not coming up with the stupid msg Couldn't load GFX.wad !

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Old 30th April 2002, 18:01     #42
1999 got a net connection started playing dm on
Couple of months later saw the ip for games4 listed somewhere.
Joined, downloaded a shyteload of models etc. started playing.
joined ICK in mid 2000. Was also in q3ctf clan WIZ at that time played 3 bloodrain 4? games for them before deciding that it wasn't worth the getting up early.
When ICK disbanded I went clanless for quite a while before joining an FX revival, played I think 2 "friendlys" for them before it turned to custard.
Currently in UHM which is basicly a Christchurch LANs clan we play anything and everything. ;p
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Old 1st May 2002, 08:30     #43

Not sure when I started playing tf....I know that Pork was playing for the original DOW at the time......I used to watch him and sometimes I'd say..."fuck ya pork ,always on the pc playing kiddies games"...........ahem :P....after a while I was allowed to press his det pipes button <EG>
So yea 1998/99 ?.

So I started playing and wasnt long till I joined DA,well,we didnt get any games but it was cool Then I joined FFP....that was pretty good,the ppl in the clan were squabling tho so it wasnt long before we disbanded.

Com was formed by Slime,Shrimp,Pork and myself.........this was prolly the best clan I've been in to date,was a family type buzz so it suited me.We had some mean clan battles.....we practiced oodles,prolly too much,usually 3 times min a week and if a prac didn't go well,slime used to call for another prac the following nite....we loved it.

Was sad when Com disbanded,a few players left,I tried to keep things going but it was to be my last act of defiance and it was over:/

Then came a few clans that never got off the ground.....I canny remember the names.....there was 2 or 3 though....

Then there was TC......TC was an awesome clan,still are,I left TC as there were no games at all,especially after Striker moved to stupid England,aww.

Then finally TNA,all i can say is we are a laid back bunch which is good I think,we all get on like really well,except Soulless....he is gay...not all clans are cool tho,sorry everyone,but we aren't kool:/....we just like playin tf lots,SWEEET :P
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Old 1st May 2002, 13:00     #44

Shit my history in here is quite boring as for clans i think.
I got into tf from Shrimp, i was in the process of a bad marriage, and needed a diversion from arguements and fight's. so along came tf.
I remember i was visiting Shrimp the very first time i actually seem tf played, pissed as a chook and half standing half swaying next to the comp and told my sis to bugger of it looked easy and i wanted to kill someone on the comp :P
In fact all i did that night was (under shrimps name i might add) alianate a few ( quite a few) with team kills and left her to explain it wasnt her as they were pretty pissed of with her stupid play

then started to play at home under the name newbie and noone for about 4 months.
Then Halfpint ( or HP) as some use to refear to me as, not Hire Purchase either

joined TMC, great clan and great ppl, had a hell of alot of laughs.
played a little halflife. a a few dm games.
decided to join a few clans in between but didnt like the way they worked so left.
Then decided to make my own. so formed HMF..
went hunting for players i admired or knew had the talent, and i still think everyone i picked where good players.

had a few up's and downs but for the most it was fun.
Toward's the end of my HMF stint aws leader i took things to heart and even though we won GRENSTOMP, it wasn't fun anymore for me,. and with a few hassles on here i decided to leave the net behind,
I remember getting carried away in NZ&OZ final and telling a aussie to stick a carrot up his ^%$$#^&.
(and they kicked our butt's royal, they deserved the win)

Use to run quite a few BVR"S.. they were always alot of fun for players.

so after all this hp left.
nowdays i have a life and in the past week went on the server as SHITE a few times but im bloody useless now so that s Halfpint's history in tf.

KNown alias in past
a few i will keep to myself in case i ever return, (only a few know me with these other nicks :P)
short pint

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Old 1st May 2002, 17:35     #45
]- Volatile -[

hehe cool subject...

i started player late 98 and first got into mega tf. :/
my first clan was BBC and i knew Purex and Novex cause they lived in dunedin aswel, my next Serious clan was GOD which i joined cause Greeknight lived in Dunners also and i remeber when Kahn joined and he was being confused for my brother Kain

after that i join TSL with legends like Stormlrd,Spaced,Psylocke,Omega-15.
that was the fun clan ....

after that i joined TNA2 haha and then hmm RPM whn that disbanded.

few other clan i cant remeber im in TNA now

and i remeber so many people.
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Old 2nd May 2002, 17:44     #46

sfs > fx > aow > coe > hmf

yer i know his own willy he is a mate from high school.

started nov 98
played til march(ish) 2001
left untill about a month ago

has anyone seen puddle recently?
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Old 4th May 2002, 00:44     #47
yay for sfs.

grr trying to remember my first clan............................................................................ .............................................................................. but when it fell apart it had over 20 members

mod? the reincarnation of it anyway.

Last edited by MadMax : 4th May 2002 at 00:47.
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Old 4th May 2002, 00:49     #48
Stuff - some old clans there... not the oldest but old.

beware of 404's
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Old 4th May 2002, 14:34     #49
Man the old days were so cool in TF, use to remember a few ppl trying to teach me..
anyway a mate from polytech when I was doing CBC introduced me to TF, then I introdused Scorpsy about 2 months later.

now my fucken graphics card is being a real wanker so I have to put my old 8mb back in and not play opengl

Thanks to all the flash online games, you have taken all the tfers
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Old 4th May 2002, 17:02     #50
Cheesy grin Re: Player History

Originally posted by Jonan
Played some VQCTF for about a year, quite enjoyed it.
Called up Xtra one day, and was complaining about how slow the server was, he suggested to try QuakeWorld (Not sure who he was, maybe Sidbo, although he sounded quite young.)
Actually... I think that was me Your story rings a bell.
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Old 4th May 2002, 17:12     #51


I think I also mentioned my internet account...???
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Old 4th May 2002, 17:14     #52

Yea, you laughed at my logon password for Xtra, when I spelled it out!
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Old 17th May 2002, 15:47     #53
Holy crap Wassssup

Hey guys
long time no see I gotta say this, the meanest clan ive been in was VSD, also S2N gotta be pretty high up on the list cos i was co leader and all but guess i wasnt committed enough to keep it up for too long Any ways catch me up on icq sometime, numbers still 57245666
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Old 18th May 2002, 23:46     #54
must have been late 97 or early 98 when I got quake and started VQ DM, later moving to CTF - that was a hell of a lot of fun. Joined the best clan in VQCTF, Apocalypse Knights in late 98'ish (?) we played around a bit and soon discovered QW TF. Had a couple of matches with no idea of teamwork, hehe but mostly just rocked the public servers.

Here's chuck stain and singe showing off

Later on (mid 99?) we teamed up with the elite snipers from g21 and became a2k. I wasn't around much after that due to internet leave

Last edited by Russian_Troops : 18th May 2002 at 23:47.
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Old 19th May 2002, 01:23     #55
Death Define
Originally posted by Russian_Troops
Those are some oldies
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Old 19th May 2002, 02:09     #56
Cant rember when I started playing. My first name was just isaac cause I was to young and stoopid to think up another name after that i used "bigsexy_3:16" cause i didnot know about "" in names lol, then I joined [fox] and thwey said i needed a fox name so I chose icefox. Then I started playing MTF on vol's and all thoes guys server and joined TSL. Then I became the admin of servers for a while and then just did the old play in that clan that clan and that clan. And here I am now with some good mateson TF and some people that probally want to kill me =D
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Old 19th May 2002, 12:00     #57
come with me if you want to live!
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Old 20th May 2002, 16:06     #58
Upside down Too long ago!

How can u remember all the clans u were in?! Started playing start of 1997 methinks maybe late 96. where have the years gone?
some I remember um Tft, x-es I think as me or Chops would play defence hwguy but then he wanted to play all the time lol. Tf addict. Qod, Usf, UA, Dow? was that the only clan run by warnight and Soulblade? I remember a fight then leaving :P Tna, I think I only remember some ppl who were in clans not usually all the clan names. Like Wuffel and Jonan and was Anubis? Maybe not. And other clans cant remember unless sumone mentions them and who was in it.

What happened to Blur by the way?

Oh and I used to watch Chops play all the time and one day decided I should be able to play it too, and got Icq too then and first friend I added was Insanity hehe.
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Old 20th May 2002, 16:07     #59
by the way


I cant believe I remembered my password for this place!
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Old 20th May 2002, 16:39     #60
its Bushwally.... wow..... hi

(me = emp)
I was here, here I was, was I here, yes I was!
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Old 20th May 2002, 18:27     #61

Hey BW!
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Old 20th May 2002, 18:29     #62
Hah, I remember Vampire Frog and Novex! :D
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Old 20th May 2002, 18:31     #63
What about......Voodoo Clown
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Old 20th May 2002, 23:22     #64
long time no talk :P
icq me 76325205
yeh i was in QoD
remember tft and X-es
what ever happened to homer or cyrax anyway..?
is he raxime?
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Old 22nd May 2002, 18:59     #65
Laugh Hullop

Hey Chris and Jonan How goes thee ? Hey Wolfy, and u r already on my icq list

Yeah I remember u being in Qod, was kewl aye
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Old 23rd May 2002, 09:33     #66
Big Smile

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Old 23rd May 2002, 10:57     #67
I love this topic. Here I'll start off here.
Initially got introduced to the game by this guy called DukerX, a Canadian, sent me all the stuff to get underway.
I started in possibly 1996?? on the braveheart/im'12 servers and some shadey border7 server. Played at 4am in the morning every few weeks or so because that was the only time wave gave me a ping less then 1000 (in which my ping was 700 because i was playing overseas anyways).
Think it was 1997ish sometime when I came over the realisation that there was a New Zealand server. I sucked the big one still at this stage, didn't know what was up or down, I was a slow learner for sure (alwyas have been in TF, took me eternity to learn to speedjump). Anyways initially I approached Larry and SirLancer in a quest to join WKH. They said yeah, this was pretty much the start of my controversial career. IN a game vs the old DOW, I accused these epic legends (of the time) of cheating and taking it up the bottom. These old veterans didn't like this behavior, parties like Wazo, Adunaphel, Snow and cocksmokers like Farcanal, CCS and Trigger didn't like this. Infact, I was the talk of the town. Pretty much I remained an immature cock for the rest of my TF career but ANNNNNYWAY continuuing on:

Next was the great WMT. This clan squarely sucked copius ass but was allgood, ran by a chap named Razor. They disbanded or something then I went to FFP. This was where my career really started out. Guy named Bob was the leader of this crazy cult. Also met this heathen named Silva. FFP was the one for quite a while, till Bob left, another guy, BLam became leader and brought in a few flakers, namely Shrimp and Slime (bad at the time, probably decent folk now), this was the biggest bust of the TF century as i hastily left the clan in one foul swoop.

I went into hibernation at this time, started going crazy and indulging in vicious habbits such as MegaTF. Met a guy named Marku$, got me into WAR, WAR was probably where it began. IT being, the source of TF goodness. We were a bunch of nonamers (except i still had the bad rep going) yet we defeated those FFP wanks who had basically thrown me out on my arse (i call them wanks to liven up the story, they were at the time!@). No one knew of this WAR team and FFP were the laughing stock of the world. They dared to show their faces under the earths bright, radiant sky.

WAR ended. I forget to mention, WAR had this guy Firestorm, we were good mates here, but then. WAR ended and we went separate ways, Firestorm joined the firely princess of COM while I joined the icey sourcery of X-ES. The big boys of TF at the time...
Except, i was XES TLALOC, no one knew it was TTTT. Hence no bad rep. This went on for a while till the semis of a competition, I hastily made a stupid move and the COM heros found out. They asked for me to be BANNED from the competition, but to no avail. Avatar, god bless him, was not to have any of that rubbish, id been good all tourney. X-ES , against all odds, won the competition, COM could not believe it, to their dismay.

Well i left X-ES and started up POW with a young buck named Corrupt. This was the start of perhaps the most deadly row of NZTF that the world had ever seen. POW lost to TE like 18317531-0 on 3 maps, then used their tactics against the great COM. DEFEATING them. This sparked controversy, with such tactics as detpacks on the ramps, the introduction of the good ole ramp def, demo spiral, sold basement, eng basement. Hadnt been done by nz clans before then. Anyways POW got in good players and disbanded once some COM guys and read here because its true: RANG THEIR LAWYERS UP ABOUT MRTTTT THREATENING TO KILL THEM IN A COMPUTER GAME.
I was 15 so this was bad news for me... I was scared and disbanded my clan and dissapeared. And I'm 18 now ps: try that shit again ill turn the law books on your ass.

My career has raged with controversy so its only fitting that i bring it back into my story...

Onto CCC, insaniitys clan, well this wasnt longlived...

DOW. Ehhh cant remember too much.

Then there was LAH... Well, you all know the story of lah, started by kahn and myself in Burger king, this clan became the clan of the century. I had a row at some stage, started LAH IS GAY (LIG) but then disbanded that, then started LIG2, disbanded, then LIG3. At the same time, TNA was also going through the same restructuring, coincidentally losing all its poor performance records during it. Much like the crazy accountant would.
F was entertaining, very entertaning.
Went back to LAH.
The end...

Wiz, blah blah q3 blah.

some names ive had.
it all started with:
Sickness (suffer the sickness aha)
Slipknot (gah, i wish i didnt but oh well)

some of my grave rivals that id like to put mention to, Purge, best player in the game, smartest , maybe not the best dueler.
Ive attacked with him, and defended against him, no one was more of a thinker then this guy.
Most overrated: everyone that was in COM other then Purge. All talk, no play.
Insanity and Mojo were also real awesome players.
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Old 23rd May 2002, 13:02     #68

Tttt, what did CCC stand for?
Cool Calm Collective?
Clue Clux Clan?

BTW, nice to read a big write up.
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Old 23rd May 2002, 17:08     #69

haha ccc i remember that lol siv

how long did that last for? about a week right? ^_^

i think it was like lah stood for what every they wanted
I was here, here I was, was I here, yes I was!
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Old 23rd May 2002, 18:00     #70
ccc had a definite meaning
it was like chemical something clan
ask siv/insanity

duno why it didnt last, we had the members to carve anyone

and AHAHagkl;jangfakl;gn;akflgm;HEHE at shrimp and slime talking to their lawyers about tom. Bejesus.
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Old 23rd May 2002, 19:36     #71

well hey while your all talking about your tf historys
ill talk about a tf legacy, a god, a man named kahn.

this is a story of excessive skill and a copious amount of controversy.

june 9th 1998 - a king is born (rob gets quake shareware)
after numerous attempts at getting past the first level in shareware
i felt it was time to move on into easier things (multiplayer)
i had heard people at my school talking about quake "online"
i had my 4.95 an hour internet connection FUCK HEY I CAN DO THIS SHIT, so i go and purchase (yer purchase) quake the full version,

** you mite laff i actually paid for quake, but i'm not a seasoned computer person you see, we had moved from South Auckland to a small town i hated so i had to find something to do **

so on my p166 16 mb of edo ram and 2.5 gig hard drive i hastidly join (a person on my icq list told me it) and i'm playing on the final map where you kill shub niggurath, its a FFA on an au server, i have 800 ping 5 fps and hey life is great, i get -22 frags, and thout i was on fire.

on i keep playing eventually finding out camtech was an au server and ping gets explained to me so i realise HEY FUCK THIS IM TOO COOL FOR THIS LETS FIND AN NZ SERVER, i try the ctf server, i do real well with a dynamic score of -23 (the graple was real confusing) i was still using arrow keys and keyboard, but what the fuck, i hear about tf after reading about it on webpage so i download it after 135098315908019835091350135 hours of confusion and figuring out how to work winzip and what it was i eventually get quake installed i join a server and i loved it. was to be my shrine for the next 4 or so months, i was amazed at snipers and hwo they could shoot people that were running, i thout this was electric because when your a keyboard only user that kinda shit is impossible.

so as every good newbie does after month he looks for a clan, i get invited by someone named TWISTER i see him spamming

its odd i still remember that email.

i didnt end up emailing him but i mite up with a good guy named heartworm, he gets me into his new up and comming clan [MOI] and his co-leader cerbius and i become great friends he teaches me the wonder of using a mouse then when i get real advanced i get a zoom script instead of +zoom

*** i'm still real shit at tf at this time ***

moi as all good new clans do disband without playing a game i thout HEY WHAT THE FUCK IM TOO COOL FOR THIS and as every good shit player but thinks they'er good does goes and creates a clan, yes thats correct, NBK, my first member i recruited was - (uncanny as it seems) digriz, then i keep picking up members incubus was the 2nd (he died not long ago in a water accident) corrupt (would later be a great friend in real life) loony (...) holybaby and a few others

we played 1 game and we won it i cant even remember the name of the clan, i think shoyu was the leader

we lost the first map and i was disgusted as every good leader does i say ALL QUIT AND GOTO ICQ
so we all goto icq and enter a chat
i give an insperational COME ON GUYS WE MUST WIN THEESE 2 MAPS speech... and we won demoz and sewer1 ( i think its sewer) to clench a remarkable come from behind victory, i thout HEY I LIKE THIS SHIT THIS IS COOL ENUFF FOR ME so as every good new clan does we disbanded.

i got over it thou then the same night we disbanded so did a clan called WAR (refer to mrtttt's talk about the great "war" or so it seemed) and gr33nkn1ght << (leet speak) asked me to join his clan [GOD] now god would be the clan that was going to OWN NEW ZEALAND we go and have a practise and we were an efficient well oiled machine from day one. there was a guy "captain seagull" there and he kept team killing, so gr33nknight in a fit of rage tells every player to goto the basement and DONT KILL, now when your new this kinda shit is important, its team building rite. so were all in the basement and we have to hold our axes out and hes standing in the middle
giving us a talk, then seagull pulls out his nailgun and lais into gr33nknight, creating a chain reaction we all start shooting eachother while greenknight is going mental at us, we played in the se2 tournament losing to com 200 - 0 x-es by more and other clans beating us by large margins (but those 2 had the more obese totals) but hey as every good clan that loses does, we disbanded.

rite, now i become kahn_of_noclan, i ask to join x-es but i get laughed out of the picture, but hey who cares i'm to cool for that anyway. so i go and be clanless for a month, then eventually x-es disband after the se2 tournament and i approach slime to join com and after a unanemous vote my day had come, com said no, the pride was hurt but i said HEY FUCK IT IM TOO COOL FOR YOU ANYWAY

while all this dissapointment is happenning i go and buy myself a brand spanking packard bell celeron 400 64 meg of ram and a 4meg ati rage 3d card ( i eventually upgrade to a voodoo 2) this tank helped me become a "good sniper"

after some time pow had formed and the clan wars had begun, yurning to join in i approach com again, slime somehow got me into com, i join as a engineer (i had never engineered before but i lied and said it was my main class cos i knew com was looking for one... hey we've all done it.. rite?) but pow ask me to join too (cos they knew i had axx to the world-net server and that was their true motive.) also i was the 4th member in pow but i left after 2 days mrtttt was just too weird for me. so i choose com over pow and had a great time winning clan matches was a great feeling, we all went to the com lan and i met corrupt and fanatic and became great friends with them as too with firestorm, shadow, porkfest, festus, time passes and as all great clans do we disband, so i'm clanless but when you've been in a good clan once its much easier finding another clan, mighty mouse from com makes a clan called s2, his co-leader vortex and me started chatting and got along real well. we played pow and lost 220 - 0 and as all good new clans do we disband.

for some mystical reason (mrtttt does explain why it happenned but at the time it was so weird because pow seemed to do so well) pow disbanded this was great for my cause, adunaphel from com started DOW (the 2nd time this clan had come around) and i joined that along with insanity, mrtttt, alpine, corrupt and a few others, we make our mark as the #1 clan in NZ and for the first time i'm the shit. adunaphel leaves and we go with the "no leader rule" we eventually play alot of au clans having some great games but eventually fall due to egos, we disband in december 1999 leaving me wondering to keep playing tf, i take a 3 month break not talking to anyone accept my good friend vortex, and we eventually decide to come back, vortex in clan DE (shoyus clan) along with all my clan mates from DOW, i can see the were yurning for a greater leader, someone with pizaz, ** step in kahn ** i poach all their players and disband DE to form clan LAH in march 2000

and since then we idle in #lah on gamesnet

i wont go into the TFC section of lah (as its not that great we got to #2 in nz and australia but never could take bbq...)

i've dabbled in qwdm becomming quite amazing (but its me so its natural...)

playing warcraft 3 now.

past names:


most respected player:

favourite person/persons:

hated person/persons:

thing i wanted to do the most:
play mirage on dm6

best clan match:
lah vs tc

worst clan match:
i've liked all really but if i had to choose one
lah vs hmf
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Old 23rd May 2002, 19:51     #72
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Old 27th May 2002, 02:41     #73

That boy needs therapy.
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Old 27th May 2002, 08:55     #74

He'd be too cool for therapy.
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Old 27th May 2002, 11:24     #75
even J's too cool for therapy.
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Old 27th May 2002, 13:17     #76
Cheesy grin

Even HS is too cool for therapy
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Old 27th May 2002, 15:00     #77
still have to go though

p.s. mrtttt's and kahns histories are so long....
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Old 27th May 2002, 15:49     #78

heh :P
shit yes
liek prolly longer than most essay's ive written :P
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Old 27th May 2002, 21:16     #79
Holy crap Orion's complete (?) TF history, including some NOLAG history and mapmaking trivia

First post to the TF forum in years, and only because I feel compelled to, for some strange reason - there'll be no big 'TF comeback' for Orion I'm afraid

Bear with me if the chronological timeline jumps all over the place. Oh, and this is gonna be one mutha of a post, so skip it if you really must

Anyway - re the topic, I started playing TF around early 98 (exact date unknown), thanks to Mr. Manson (now known as Necrolust) who hooked me up with the necessary files for Quake, which I'd scored myself a copy of about mid 97. Prior to TF, I played quite a bit of QWDM on the Prosper server.

The first TF class I started playing as was medic, and that would be my primary class for the rest of my TF career. I also played a bit of engineer and scout, but none of the other classes really appealed to me as much as medic.

The early days were a bit hazy for me, but I remember playing on Games3 beside and against such names as Gib2bitS, Warn1ght, Hellhound (aka vivisect), Sgt. Winky (aka Yogi Bear), Silva, spyda, Insanity, inertia, Bushwally, the mighty TTTT (under one of his other aliases back then), Kill_kenny (aka Firestorm) and a few others, including Atomic (Insanity's brother) who was leader of QoD, the clan I joined. I didn't know it at the time but I would eventually go on to meet most of the people I played beside online at NOLAG.

Ah yes - QoD. I led that for a month or so after Atomic handed over the leadership to me, then disbanded it (can't remember the exact reason why), would have been about mid 98. QoD was the first and last clan that I'd be in to last more than a month at the most, I never pegged myself as a clansman and most of my TF days were spent clanless. I had brief appearances in ID, Mj12, CCC and one or two others after that, and I think I may have slutted on occasion. The most notable thing I ever did as part of a clan was to record the X-es vs COM final for the Scorched Earth competition when I was in ID (I recorded one team, Silva recorded the other).

After disbanding QoD, I started expanding my Quake mapping skills and attempted to build my first TF map, Callisto, which started off as a random jumble of rooms and then slowly grew into a decently-themed map over the next few months as I got better at mapmaking. After I hit a massive creative block I pretty much stopped building Callisto and it was never to see the light of day, but I have a few of the builds backed up on CD somewhere.

During this time I continued playing TF on the NZ servers, mainly World-Net which had sprung up sometime in 98 (it had teamfrags, woo!). For me, TF reached a 'peak' between 98 and 99, and I enjoyed playing the classic maps such as sewer1, rock2, demoz2a, z7 etc.

Silva, or Insanity, or someone, suggested that I could build a replica of 2fort5 as my next project and so 2fort0rz was born (the name was a combination of '2fort', and 'orz' - which was a shortened version of my nick at the time). Work on this map progressed well, and halfway through I retextured it with a new textureset reminiscent of sewer1. However, towards the end of the project I found that I couldn't fit both bases in as the total length exceeded 8000 units. Someone else (Razzimatazz I think) suggested that I turn it into a defence-offence map, and after more editing and tweaking, 'fort0rz - the infiltration' v1.0 was released on 12th July 1999. Version 2.0 was released on 22nd August, with many tweaks in gameplay and construction, most notably the new water entrances and darker feel. Slime managed to get it on the World-Net server rotation and the rest was history. There were a couple of reviews of the map done locally as well as internationally and they were pretty good, so I was stoked.

About the time I was wrapping up fort0rz, a few of us started discussing new map ideas on the undernet #NZTF channel run by Shooman. From these ideas and countless other suggestions (a few of which were contributed by the enigmatic 'female' NZTFer 'Zinya'), 'The Machine' was born (named after the Pink Floyd song). Work on the new map started in about February of 1999. The first early alpha was released in September. Everyone seemed to like it so I kept working, and released the beta on October 2, which featured much of the red base. To keep my mind active I also made a small sniper wars map, 'FOV Forts', released on 12th November.

By the time I left for the States in December I didn't have much left to do apart from make sure the entities were all working correctly, and I finally got all these working a few days after arriving back home in late January 2000.

(You guys still with me? Good, coz there's more reading to be done, hehehe...)

While all this was going on, tongues began to wag about a regular (or otherwise) TF lan, riding on the success of Kai's lan, BlamLAN and others. Corrupt, Mr. Manson/Necrolust, Loony, Fanatic, BentBob (now known as EB), Cerbius and myself would have been the original instigators of the idea, and we started looking at a few different venues - finally settling on Corrupt's dad's place in Parau (since sold). Silva provided us with the name - NOLAG, BentBob provided us with some network gear, and the first event debuted on 31st July 1999 with 15 attendees, running overnight to the next day. NOLAGs 2, 3 and 4 took place roughly every 2 months after that in the same location. The events attracted many TFers from around the country (!) and I was fortunate enough to meet such famous names as Kill_kenny/Firestorm, Vortex, Kahn, Chopper, Bogaan, Marku$, Jimhend, Blam, Destroyer, Shoyu, Warnight, Larry, BladeStorm, Hellhound/vivisect et al.

It was at NOLAG 4 that one of the most intense and nail-biting TF Blue vs Red matches I'd ever been in was played - I still have Bogaan's demo. To this day it was probably THE best match I'd ever been in, right down to the frantic shouting and cursing as Red capped at the last second to win rock2, 21-19

For NOLAG 5, we moved a few k's up the road to the Laingholm hall as the Parau house was in the process of renovation by then. NOLAG 6 debuted on 25th June 2000, almost a full year after the original event, and featured an even bigger location - Glen Eden Intermediate School - as well as a change in direction. Gone was the 'closed-group-of-mates' feeling, we introduced memberships, opened the doors to everyone and anyone who wanted to come along, and the multiplayer focus had well and truly shifted away from TF to that love-it-hate-it-or-both Half-Life mod, CS, by then.

NOLAGs 6-10 still managed to attract some pretty big TF names though - Avatar, TTTT, Inertia, Halfpint, Hellstorm and even Jin managed to grace its presence during that time.

The twelfth and final NOLAG event (there was no NOLAG 11) was held at the end of September 2001, at Laingholm hall. It was to be a 'true' NOLAG event only in name, with many of the attendees from the 'old days' (and co-founder Corrupt) not even present, having since moved on.

Anyway... back to the original point, which was my player history

By the time I released 'The Machine' on 30th January 2000, the TF 'scene' had withered to the point that the people who had contributed so many ideas to the map in the first place, fed up of all the crap, had either moved on to other games or had disappeared completely. The result was a pretty disappointing response from what was left of the NZTF community, with many people finding it way too hard to play properly (and the Aussies hated it for this very reason)

There was a lot of clan rivalry and bitterness going around too, which I managed to stay out of for the most part... thanks to being clanless.

By the time NOLAG 5 rolled around in April 2000, I remember the majority of people, including myself, had stopped playing altogether, including most of the core group of people who had been at NOLAG 1 only 6 months prior. Ironically, it was at NOLAG 5 that a group of us sat down and reminisced about the 'goode olde days of TF' for the better part of an hour.

It got so bad that I remember at NOLAG 8 someone started a stupid rumour that Slime was coming all the way from Wanganui to bash Halfpint or Kahn or someone, which obviously never happened.

It was about this time I stopped posting on the TF forums

My TF 'career' was all but over by the time 2001 rolled around, NOLAG was by now pretty much a CS/TFC/Q3A event, the three TF maps I'd released had pretty much sunk into oblivion, and the many friends I had made during my time playing TF didn't really care for the game anymore.

I spent most of my online time either idling in #lah, #bro or #vnv (#NZTF was long gone by this time) or playing CS/Q3A. In total I think I only played four or five games of TF during 2001, and none of them lasted longer than three minutes before I left the server

It's now 2002 and I haven't touched TF at all this year! I'm surprised at the number of people that still play the game though, I suppose I was wrong in thinking that TF would die by the end of 2000

I still keep in touch with many of the people I started playing TF with, but in turn there are many others that I've lost contact with - Fanatic, Corrupt, Firestorm, Bladestorm, Avatar, Warnight, Atomic, Razzimatazz, to name but a few - and if you guys or anyone else who knew me from the old TF days are still around, give me a yell sometime!

Blahhh. *relaxes sore fingers*

So there you have it, my entire TF life history, probably missing a few snippets here and there but this is all I could remember. If you managed to read all of what I wrote... you're either real bored or real interested!

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Death Define
A bit of both.

Good history you have there, I bet a lot of un-named people will reminisce in it.
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