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Old 2nd October 2009, 15:02     #321
its pretty damn quick once you get into clan play but yer its made so the combat is the main point ratehr than the jumptastic jumping

although i havent played it in a year myself ;p
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Old 11th October 2009, 22:28     #322
It needed more focus on CTF, inching flags, going hardout, keeping the flag alive before a return. Spawn delays killed that, lack of grens also made gameplay more predictable.

Yeah it had other alternatives like ubering heavies with meds, random crits, etc. But it really didn't replace QWTF. Cool art style, awesome promos, shite as far as sequels go though. It was a different game.

Of course a lot of people liked it so it can't have been all bad, just didn't do it for me. KZ2 and CoD4 have probably been the closest things I've come across as far as feeling goes, but even they still lack that same rush.
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Old 12th October 2009, 06:53     #323
6v6 clanplay is fun
no crits no heavys ()

the ctf was laughably bad tho sigh

Last edited by Fx. : 12th October 2009 at 06:55.
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Old 30th November 2010, 03:57     #324
Player History

The M3 CD player to match the M3 amp has arrived. We like the look of the slot loading mech, which seems much nicer than the flimsy made-for-pc mechs that many CD players have these days. We are going to have a good listen in the next few days to see how the M3 pair shape up.
برامج, برامج التحميل, برامج
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Old 26th March 2011, 13:04     #325
Lumber - crushing people is its reward.
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Old 19th September 2011, 21:44     #326
My history: Veni, Vidi, Vici.

PS. Hi Purge, Wolv, Az, everyone else !
PPS. MrTTTT you used to be second funniest character behind aliG.
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