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Old 29th May 2003, 13:14     #161

oh you~ of course you did Adun ;D

I shoulda realised it would be futile to try and actually list them :>
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Old 29th May 2003, 13:29     #162
I started playing TF pretty much when Quake2 was released as all the CTF players kinda moved onto that and TF seemed to be getting stronger.

It was more a stress relief thing while I was studying so i pretty much just played to be stupid. Quake 1 is the only game which has had me in tears with laughter at some of the stupid things you can do.

Things I enjoyed doing:

- Agent Mulder mostly played sniper (those that remember him know how he used to shoot anyone - friend or foe). I used to go same team as him as soldier and shoot him off the balcony and into the water in 2fort5.

- There was a player named "Henry". We always played engineer and build Sguns in the stupidest of places. Most memorable was in rock 1 where in the front lifts as you enter the enemy base you could build a SGUN ontop of the lift - so any player who then entered the lift was constantly going up and down slowly being squished to death with no escape....utterly fucken hilarious.

- Shooting own players into Lava/Slime. One time on that map where the flag is surrounded by lava (forgot the name) the entire 16 players on our team ended up running there trying to cuss/shoot/gren each other into the lava....fits of laughter ensued.

- Goin demo and piping/spamming respawns. This was fucken lame and I got abused to the max. (Hoju was the man for this aswell from what I remember). Basically it was us on either team running to the enemy respawn trying to fuck each over teams first.

- Shooting soldiers in my own team as sniper in the back as they were crossing the bridge in 2fort5 then suiciding and changing class when you could see them standing still running that command which lists player classes. It was golden to see them spawn back as a scout and cuss all our friendly snipers and see massive wars break out......that was shit stirring to the max.

The clan games with XES, LAH, POW were real good aswell.
Then it started getting a bit lame with speedjumping, signifying soldier as the real dominant class and seeing SGuns and scouts getting phased out. Then proxies came along and you had things like glowing models, auto pipe detonation and various other things which for me, pretty much ruined it.

I work in IT now, play the odd custom game of warcraft 3, that's pretty much it. Waiting on World of Warcraft.
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Old 29th May 2003, 16:51     #163
Originally posted by Ancedine
Waiting on World of Warcraft.
arent we all.. =DD

and if someone isnt.. tell them they are gay =D
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Old 29th May 2003, 16:54     #164
vq ctf in 2000 ----> qw (dm, ca, ctf, tf, race ;D) 2001-2003
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Old 29th May 2003, 18:31     #165
Rolling eyes Avoided this for ages... well

Where to begin... forgive me I'm shit with the calander times... Here comes a long post

I guess in early 1997 was when I began playing Quake TF.

Peviously I had been in a few CTF clans only one of note was ESM before the clan began to split and randomly invite peeps, under an alias that I will keep hidden for fear of Dos / Vertagoat and Waldo finding out who I really am! (These names here will mean next to nothing here to many here atm, as there "new" alais of some very old CTF players, who I still play games with (DAoC).)

From CTF, I used to play on the odd USA server at un-godly times with vanilla quake and later quakeworld. 6fps sub 350-450 pings, yes that high it was the norm back then, the wheel was still been inviented in the world of modem technology. during my play I heard of a new "mod" that was released and decided to join one of these new servers, after a night of downloading files I got my first taste of TF and wanted more.

Dunno how or why it happened but over time more and more NZ CTF players began playing at un-godly early morning times and a few wise people, for some reason Bob Magill come to mid, im not sure who was directly responsible for the first NZ server but he comes close he founded one of the first successful NZ TF clans, more on that in a bit...

Eventually from these CTF players and a few more NZ first server was born, im not sure if it was an xtra server or an ihug server (Think it was ihug). Anyways this server was a PIG a real bitch. For the first few months or less, you coudnt RESPAWN!!! you had to reconnect each death, but despite this little set back it became a rather popular server and more and more people started playing in force, it was nothing like TF these days, hell Half the player skins were not even in the game yet.

Sometime in Mid 1997 3 Clans were forged, one I can't remeber followed by FFP, MoD (The ORGIANAL Means of Distruction). This is when my time in NZ TF really began, I stopped playing on the horrid high ping USA servers to play on our new local NZ server.

Somehow after playing on servers with Daiblo, Rhybak, spyda, butcher, badaim and a few others, i decided to join on of the clans and promptly found myself in some clan very beifly before being asked to join MoD and going down that path, diablo was in it so I followed.

Be it knowin at the end of MoD's days in this origial form, I was knowin as [Mod]Demon. (NOT the deamon guy of these days. just to be clear.)

Clan games back then were rare events, there were no leagues, just a set time real early in the morning like 6-7 am when you played to get the best ping, as EVRYONE was on dail-up. IT was great fun. Even peeps like daiblo would get up heh, that pritty hardcore for him.

Then sometime later that year due to the new popular mod a new server poped up, and NZ had 2 TF servers... ROCK ON!

Eventually time went on and after a bit of internal MoD fighting someones younger brother, think the alais "BadAim" along with "Anthrax", decided they would try and keep a dying clan alive and made the second incarnation of MoD (still Means of Distruction).

I think the only thing I remember here was TTTT was declined! from memory due to his "punk ass shenanagins hah!", but then was retrialed (and I think got in, dunno if he joined- was ages ago). Soon after I took my leave as TF2 (Teamfortess2) was soon to be released along with quake2. We used to all chat in game about how much better TF2 would be than Quake2, and how people would never swap.

Me and Diablo decided we would try Q2 and make a guild called [666] hence the infamous 666Daiblo, 666Demon, 666Badaim tags, but alais Quake2 was too "shit" to run on our fine tuned Q1 systems (i.e we coudnt run q2 it requred like a good Comp!).

Sometime after that we went our own seperate ways and begane freelancing in and out of various "in" clans, eventually teaming up with SOG, HellDog, and a few others who were all going to join some new guild TFT (SOG was 2 years below me at school at this time and his mate helldog (i think) used to play lots with us and some of the "vet" TF'ers, sometime around here I met some of the new TF players that are now the "vets" of today .

After Declining to join TFT, I took my leave from NZ gaming and headed overseas...

After a year an a bit away from the NZ game community, and a few games in the few UK (england) TF guilds league, my Big OE ended and Back to NZ I had come.

By now it must have been 1999-2000, I forget, but BOY had NZ TF changed, there were 100 of new people with names I didnt remeber only a few old timers "Purge" and gang along with the now "bad ass" LAH boys stood out...

Somehow I began playing again under the NEW alais of Mentor as my old one was now taken deamon (bless him), as i had been long time gone. AoW and a few more clans later and I made the mistake of tring to organise and support the NZ TF community .

Shit happened the politics began to get too heavey and started pulling under some of the best players I have ever seen in TF, that were still about, till eventually one by one many of them left to play other games or quit all together.

most know my histoy from here... hell I even was asked to moderate this board which I stealth read still to this day...

Allthough its not like it was in the good old days when TTTT was the only "fool", a fool with class none the less . It got messy somewhere times changed and so did I.... It still the NZ TF community tho.

Where am I now?

I disappered when I got me a new Misses and stated a new Uni course. I spent any gaming time I had playing DAoC, a MMPORPG under the alias Kervokain, and later Kervo in the guild UTU. Which I reciently decieded to take a break from...

Currently Im finishing my last year of a 4 year BIT (like a BSC in COMP's). And looking for a new misses :P

As for gaming, I've started playing TF again as a high ping bitch under the alais Deaddog... still tying to find out whats what its been like a year... again. Looking forward to WoW (world of warcraft)

Here ends my bordom and ramblings... missed out lots, messed up lots of dates no doubt and some of the shit might be off a bit, but thats my memory for ya.

Cheers Ment.

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Old 30th May 2003, 13:23     #166
Cool post mentor, I enjoyed reading it...

Re PS: I have NFI !
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Old 30th May 2003, 16:23     #167
Clan games back then were rare events, there were no leagues, just a set time real early in the morning like 6-7 am when you played to get the best ping, as EVRYONE was on dail-up.

those were the best ment
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Old 30th May 2003, 17:44     #168
heh yeh, and when someone came on the server with a 70 ping it was a real big thing, didnthappen often, but I do remember one clan, cant remember their tag, but they all had 70 pings, but they never spoke or would tell u anything, but i th ink they were all at an isp or something..

yeh I remember a few 6am games, and one ffp vs dow 2am game, ridiculous ! pings were still only 180, well 300 for me.
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Old 31st May 2003, 22:38     #169
You were cool Ins, best day's were TFT for me and refgret not sticking with the team after I bailed from X-es many times (nothing to do with winning or loosing, just the crowd).

Least I got to play with you again towards the end, was good but would have been also good if Ava still played then. Tom made up for that though, cheers for the games.

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Old 1st June 2003, 21:13     #170
Fuck all these threads reminising are cool..

From the days of FFP through to the demise of COM and that era were the best!

So many memories that I couldnt post them here due to bandwidth issues

Yeh silva fuk those bloody crazy hour of the morning games and huge pings we had hahaha!
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Old 3rd June 2003, 23:50     #171
Upside down

Looks like I never contributed to this thread, but it seems that the people I remember most are still around so why not?

I've always been Razzimatazz when it came to TF,
Discovered it when clear's GamesMaster started pimping the mod playable on the games3 server, and no I didn't name myself after a brand of pantyhose!

There were so many awesome players around in my first year of playing the game (eg TFT), but I didn't do anything that interesting until COM came along, which was awesome. Definately my most fun experiences in a video game to date are from COM clan matches, losing to X-ES in SE2 for example really hurt me
The TFers that I met via the COM Lan I will remember the most, but the ones I never did meet have not been forgotten either. Especially old man Purge who always motivated me to try my best :P

When I stopped playing TF, I kinda thought that the quality of TF games would drop hugely, but it seems I missed out on some awesome clans and matches...
But, tf is not forgotten, I will definately give TF2 a try if it comes out, and I hope a lot of the people still committed to TF will be there too..

Oh and by the way, don't forget to keep playing my classic TF map Rob The Nest!

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Old 4th June 2003, 13:00     #172

Then there was me! Started playing in ummm later '97. Never joined any clans (too crap.) To this day, I still can't cuss jump very well. Go me!
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Old 5th June 2003, 08:23     #173
Uncle Fes

No we don't play rob the nest anymore...we play kool maps like dust!! *insert sarcastic grunt.

Fuck I'd rather play with my plastic pussy than play that dust dribble map :/ Bring back RTN !

Pork's still waiting for young Razz to pop in one day,go on,surprise him

Pig Dog = Q2 messiah....hogs the bfg a bit tho ................................................................................ ................................................................................ ..
"Stand here!..Shoot many rockets,kill bad, blue people!".....
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Old 5th June 2003, 20:24     #174
You took a lot of the fun with you when you left for a while Razza don't you worry
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Old 5th June 2003, 21:54     #175
I didn't whore the BFG THAT much! Ahhhh Q2, them were the days *sigh*
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Old 6th June 2003, 10:01     #176
Big Smile

rtnest1b was on SE2 voting for quite sometime, but most plebs couldn't figure it out.
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Old 7th June 2003, 20:12     #177
first clan was Xreme1, i joined that when i first started playing, but before that i played dm. Then i was in sfs with bartuc, then i dont remember . then i sluted for a while, then joined tc, then tna.
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Old 8th June 2003, 13:54     #178
Hmmm being a very long time since I posted in this forum but anyway....

I think I started playing TF in 98 and stopped in early 01. Because I started going out, and generally getting sick of the llamas. I did enjoy my time in TF and loved it when I owned servers.

Was in many clans
ummm CWP

so many I can't really rememebr them

Names over the years:

Slime (until I met the real Slime online oops)
Captain Koy yo

I'm sure theres more but I can't remember them

Currently doing my last year at school (Bursary) and then flying to Australia early next year to drive trucks, combine harvesters and tractors. Then fly to America to do the same and then possibly to Britain. Travel the world. Then come back to NZ and apply as a pilot in the airforce.

Currently doing my private helicopter licence.
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Old 15th June 2003, 04:16     #179
Thumbs up

I realised I haven't yet participated in this thread QUITE a bit earlier, but didn't really have the time to spare or patience in writing about myself until tonight, so here goes.

I believe I started playing in 1998. I was introduced to TF by my brother, NeoTiger, and he was introduced to TF by Soulblade, and Soulblade was probably introduced to TF by Warnight. That's as far up the family tree as I could go :P Anyway, I still remember watching NeoTiger play on his Pentium 133 with a 4MB S3 Virge card. Looked like heaps of fun, so I tried it on my P75 with a 2MB card... didn't think it would run Quakeworld but luckily it did! Even though I had 400+ms ping and a maximum of 10 fps at 320x200, no one knew the definition of lag at the time so it didn't really affect the gameplay at all. I enjoyed trying to get to the top of the fraglist all the time... usually by being an engineer with a well placed sentry gun. Rock2 was most memorable.. placing the sentry gun on top of one of the towers always gave many returns :P (frags). Clans I can remember at the time includes FFP, WKH, TFT.


My first clan was TF. Not sure what it stood for, but I think it was led By Helldog. Other clan members I can still remember were Razzimatazz and Master. I only remember 1 clan game we played and that was against WAR. It was a one sided match... 150-0 (150 was the fraglimit for clan games) on 2fort5(?). We had 5 while WAR had 8, but we were so unorganised that it wouldn't make any difference... we just played like it was a public server. Later on in the year TF disbanded and my next clan was AoC(C? W? strange I cant remember the name atm) led by Locutus. I knew him and others such as rippy and bobdog in highschool so that was pretty cool. This clan must've ended sometime before March 1999 because that's when TNA was formed.


March 1st, 1999 is one day I'll never forget (only because it's on TNA's webpage which I've maintained for so many hours ). TNA was formed with some of AoC(?)'s members like Wuffell plus a few that I recruited in that first month such as Agrath, RMF, Lynx, Rebel Demon, Jono, Heartworm. With TNA's early-1999 team, the only game I remember playing was against PoW with the likes of MrTTTT, Corrupt, Wizzy... legends We managed to lose only 2 caps which I'm still quite proud of till today, because the result was through teamwork. I can't find the screenshot anymore, but if you compared the players on each team, anyone would say PoW would win by 100+ frags easily. Our defence was 5 players all in the basement of 2fort5r 2 engineers, 1 soldier, 1 demoman and 1 medic. Our attack had no hope, but the basement was quite secure, hence only 2 caps lost. PoW already had the standard 2fort5r defence sussed out at the time with 1 engineer and soldier in basement, someone at ramps and someone at spirals (hwguy?). By late 1999, we played TMC at least 6 times. TNA vs TMC matches have always been the most enjoyable matches. No bitching - only "sincere" well wishes.


By year 2000 I was learning quite a bit on how to become a better leader. Received quite a lot of advice from Avatar of X-es and Krogoth of TU. TNA's lineup included new members such as Hitman, Illustrious, Loony, Master, and Col/Digriz/Krogoth (late 2000 after TU disbanded), Vortex. Our peak was definitely our draw game against the mighty COM. We lost 2fort5r but was winning on Bam4 before the server was shutdown for no apparent reason :P Adun, since its been so long, was it really shutdown for reasons other than on purpose? :P Our defence was Hitman rr demoman (the ultimate bam4 rr defence at the time.. seriously!), Col lift soldier, Digriz bm soldier, and Master engineer. Master was always the quickest in getting SG up at the start of game... and that was the key to determining whether your team would get a cap with early scout rushes! Illustrious and Loony were the scouts that attacked with me and griff as soldiers. Year 2000 also marks my first appearances on duel servers late at night :P It's been addictive, and still is today! When you have a busy life but still enjoy playing TF, dueling is the best solution because you can start gibbing away the very first minute... no need to organise 16 people for a game... not even a 5 minute prematch wait :P 20 minutes can get you up to 40 frags tfvstf2 was the 1on1r back then... I somehow became really good at dueling. Only thing I know is that I got better after upgrading from the P75 machine, so fps obviously matters! Warnight, Purge and Cann were the top duelers at the time I believe, and I finally managed to beat the nzers. I must say, I didn't have any ego back then. I didn't realise I could beat the very best duelers until they told me later on. Cann was someone I couldn't really beat, but I was still an MPB (Ihug Ultra). Proud to say however, that my final achievements against Cann were draw games. I have never lost a duel ever since Cann disappeared sometime in 2001. Dueling is really just an art - means nothing in real games. I would relate it to kungfu... you can train your inner strength/health as much as you like, but it won't make you play soccer better. Nor will it let you kill someone faster than using a rifle. It's an art. And a few seconds on egos! The bigger the ego you have, the more you have to lose. Lesson = get rid of ANY degree of ego to enjoy TF more. Btw, ZimZum, was that you Purge?


TNA disbanded early this year, and a TNA2 was formed. Clans disbanded way too easily.. was the trendy thing maybe :P When things just don't work out, why not start over! TNA2 had quite a few new members again, but the only person I can remember RIGHT at this moment is Volatile. TNA2 didn't last very long and isn't really worth writing about. I became a member of DoW led by Adunaphel -> Kahn before it died. Only remember playing FV on well6 with Kahn scout, Corrupt sniper and myself soldier attack. Corrupt owned so much as sniper at the time that the ozzies had to start throwing cheat-abuse I formed DE (D Elite) with some of DoW's members after it died, but DE died when Kahn poached everyone for LAH I joined TC later on in the year led by Striker. Striker, Purge, Festus, Porkfest, Judge, Swoop, Monkey, QueQ, bliP, Adunaphel, Jaguar, Summoner - has to be one of the best teams ever We were a good challenge against LAH even though they had lpbs like Corrupt/Vortex plus Mr.Cann. Near the end of the year, HMF was the only clan, led by Halfpint, that entered oztf2 so Purge, bliP and myself played for HMF temporarily before TC really died. HMF at the time was a mix of TC and LAH plus Halfpint and raxime, so we had a decent go against the aussies. TNA was reformed after I left TC in June 2001. I made a promise to everyone who joined TNA that the clan will never disband again, and hey!, we're still alive and kicking even today... members were Digriz, Wuffell, bliP near the beginning, very soon joined by Festus, Porkfest, Archangel, Jimhend, Jonan and Volatile. Our first two clan games were against LAH. Screenshot of the first game shows 30-0 on 2fort5r, which is not a bad effort I guess, since it was our first game with the team and all. The last game against LAH was on the 5th of August 2001. I still remember the tight match on Bam4 with Jin observing (TNA sub) and Purge spectating. Jin ended up playing for LAH since they were 1 man short, and the match was still 0-0 until the last 5 minutes or so, when Jin was replaced by Nevamind :P Someone might remember this game... TNA lost to LAH 10-0. Bam4 has always been TNA's strongest map ever since day one for some reason. Whether it be against TU, COM, or LAH, we always displayed our best teamwork on this map.

2002 - Today

I'm losing patience so I'll keep it short. End of 2002 was definitely the biggest decline of activity within the NZTF community. Many players left, from speculation it was possibly due to the dominance of soldier-only matches, excessive bunny hopping/speed jumping and later FRJ, much more reliance on individual skill and ping/fps - much less teamwork involved etc. Teamwork still exists, but only in the form of individual player experience :/ a pickup team could easily beat even the top clans nowadays. It would have been much more difficult for a random team to beat an established clan back in the days. TNA for example established many strategies - pages and pages of HTML (only the person having to write it would know hehe) back in year 2000. Oh, and surely the decline of NZTF's population was due to the politics :/ Politics and also abuse... Kahn created some havoc. HellStorm picked it up when we all thought peace would finally arrive :P but hey, people grow up eventually... time allows things to be forgotten.

Today - Future

TF has really been a big part of my teenage years. I don't see any harm in continuing the game. There's been rapid development in Australia's community and we share the benefits. OZTF3 keeps clans alive. FuhQuake gives QWTF Q3-matching graphics. OZTF mod attempts to balance the classes more, although everyone has gotten used to soldier dominance and FRJing to the point where OZTF can't fulfill that original intention... this is the biggest essay I've written in ages so I'd like to stop here! Everything I mentioned is only to the best of my knowledge. Apologies for any errors or ommissions! To those that haven't contributed their bit to this thread, please donate some of your time

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Old 15th June 2003, 04:38     #180
I would also like to add a few people I've always admired. Ancedine for his skills with the demoman. He might not be the best in the world, but he was really smart, and learnt every trick off the best Australian demomen at the time too, like Hamhock and Slappa. Cann for his dueling skills as mentioned before and his ability as defence soldier. Pug/Jin (the Australian Jin) for his overall Soldier attacking skills. Corrupt for his sniping! and awesome soldiering skills too. Purge for all he has done for NZTF and his overall skills with all classes. Overall skill displayed by MrTTTT. Nice leadership skills by Kahn - charm and marketing Many others... Shrimp/Slime, Monkey/QueQ, Swoop/Judge.

Also thanks to those I dueled during midnights Was good fun and practice. Most memorable would be time spent with Warnight on Arena1, Swoop on Arena1, Monkey on Arena1, ZimZum on TFvsTF2, Cann on 1on1r, Summoner on 1on1r, and last but not least, Goten on 1on1r! All dueling legends
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Old 15th June 2003, 18:32     #181
heh pretty cool reading these after not being around this board for awhile. Hehehe ED.
is there any games still being played?
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Old 15th June 2003, 18:41     #182
/me sheds a tear ...nice story :P

i would write a novel...but somehow my memory is pretty gone~
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Old 18th June 2003, 09:47     #183
Uncle Fes

"Stand here!..Shoot many rockets,kill bad, blue people!".....
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Old 18th June 2003, 16:23     #184
on-screen keyboard is your friend
I was here, here I was, was I here, yes I was!
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Old 18th June 2003, 16:26     #185
fes lately u are comedy = genius
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Old 18th June 2003, 21:11     #186
Thumbs up

Originally posted by Uncle Fes

Just copy " ", and paste it when needed.
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Old 26th June 2003, 14:51     #187

Started in 98 when i was still a youngun, got into vqctf and played for alot of different clans beginining with a clan called [666], became a sorta decent player and one of the only remaining original players in this clan, so when the leader decided that he had had enuff of quake he gave the clan to me :\ I ran it into the ground D: wasn't cut out for being a leader so i fucked off and joined SkA (Satans Killer Angels) which was being run by a friend called Statik, played with this clan for a long time as defence, remeber a particularily awesome game when we dicked EF so badly that the highest score on their board was 11 frags while most of ours were above 80. Nice SkA disbanded some time after that and i played randomly with all sorts of n00b clans that wanted an extra player, eventually i got up the balls to ask KzN for a tryout, passed it and joined their team as, KzN NewBEE. Went to play the first clan match under KzN and Statik came along and told me to play for 411 :\ which was a new and unestablished clan at the time. Because SkA had had such awesome success for awhile i decided i would give it a go, leaving KzN and joining 411 as Picollo (DBZ ). Bad choice as although 411 played well for awhile, it eventually flopped when ppl such as BigFOOT and such left the clan for own reasons.

By this time i decided to try out for TOOL, got smoked didnt have a chance stupid memphis and akuma

Left VQCTF and got QW, played qw for awhile then quit whole quake scene for around 6 months. During this time, moved onto Unreal Tournament and Quake 3. Came back and just started to play again, downloaded TF and had a go, liked it but slightly more difficult than vq and qw :\
o well

yeah dats it.
Hi jin, and hi Hellstorm, Seen david lately or heard from him anyway?
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Old 26th June 2003, 15:20     #188

hes at uni isnt he?
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Old 26th June 2003, 17:17     #189
Yea man, in wellington i think.

I feel for you wellington D:
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Old 26th June 2003, 17:45     #190
hes doing law or something ridiculous?

should be interesting meeting him when hes 21.
might just turnout aiight that boy.
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Old 27th June 2003, 18:49     #191
nah he's fucked but at least i'll have a mate thats a lawyer
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Old 3rd July 2003, 10:58     #192
3 Letters.......


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Old 7th July 2003, 13:39     #193
]- Volatile -[
AHAHHAHAHA g21 is the best
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Old 14th September 2004, 15:07     #194
this really is the best reminicising thread.
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Old 14th September 2004, 16:30     #195
Thank you for bringing this back to the top Tom. Some good memories. , even the bad ones.

How the fuck are you anyway? I remember many chats on ICQ when you were supposedly the big evil bogeyman of TF
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Old 15th September 2004, 02:43     #196
Originally posted by Dae'tura~
Sometimes overrated, sometimes underrated, mostly couldn't be fucked.


TFT and co
Learning to prime grens
Meeting Shrimp and Slime
The Lah games and their att/def


Not enough sleep
Getting into pointless arguments on the DB
Sleeping with the drive-thru for some fast food chain
Shacking up with 2 of the dumbest ppl on this planet

Overall tho it was value for money, best money I never did spend ... was kinda fun at times too
Haha, took me a while to figure out what I meant.

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Old 15th September 2004, 11:32     #197
Whoa i cant even remember when i started.
I know i started on dm with the name onslaught, then one of my dads mates told us about tf. Started playing tf, first clan was xtreme led by twister. Cant remember the list after that. Played with heaps of clans. Joined tc, it then disbanded not long after i joined. Then it tunred into tna was with them till the end of my days . Been too long to remember. Best game i have ever played tf (besides final fantasy of course )
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Old 15th September 2004, 13:56     #198
Originally posted by Summoner
Started playing tf, first clan was xtreme led by twister.

You were one of the luck ones who survived You have the inside scoop, tell us , what was twister REALLY like??? Was he as much of a prick inside the clan as he was on games3
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i spose noone will really know me and probably wont be read so it wont be long :0

well i started when quake first came out, VQCTF all day every day heh... my brother's nick was "commanda" and i used it too.. i also remembered asking the question "how do you fly?"
well, my first nick (after my brother told me to use a different one) was bungholio, i thought beavis and butthead were pretty cool heh..

well after a while of playing and people started doing animated names, i kept wondering how people did it.. after dling QNM i finally figured out a way to do it

bind q "name blah1"
bind w "name blah2"
bind e "name blah3"
bind r "name blah4"
at the end of each map i used to press q,w,e,r,t,y etc to make my name animate. didnt know anything about scripting back then =]

when i got QW i played tf dm ctf ca..
i used the name 'quantum' (no not cfz>quantum) for TF and 'zarzob' for the rest...

i remember one day on well6 i was just outside my base on the bridge and someone said "there's a quantum on ipgn" and i was like... wtf is ipgn?
i didnt know it was even possible to play on overseas servers..

I was in DOW, but never played any clan games

I remember when i figured out how to do monkey grapple on qwctf, was a bit late, everyone knew how to do it.. monkey grapple was the best thing ever invented, why'd they take itoff? :P
ah well like 2 weeks later they fixed the bug..

played for oblivion in br7 would rather have played for another team tbh

after about 1 1/2 yrs off of TF (lost the cfg in a format and never bothered to make one again) i came back as zarzob in december and ye

past names:
@@@AnarexiA@@@ (copying that guy @@@AnacondA@@@, very original aren't I?.. ps i know its spelt wrong)
SS agent 41

probably alot more but not that i remember

q3: started q3 jan 2003 as "belth". about 3 months later i found out there was 'ic-BELTH' which is one of the top players in the world... meh, didnt change it

anyhow, i play most mods, ufreeze, osp 1v1/ctf/tdm, cpma 1v1/tdm/ctf(if people actually played this =X), ra3, defrag(trickjumping)

clans : ufreeze - tfz
ra3/osp : bse
trickjumping : iT (yes, a trickjumping clan. #tricking_iT on etg we have a few movies out if you wanna watch them)

I was in WiZ for q3ctf br7

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ok that was longer than i imagined
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