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Old 27th May 2002, 22:27     #81
car gang reprazent
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Old 27th May 2002, 22:38     #82
last time i saw avatar was over a year ago on a cs server.

never knew what happened to razzamataz

also about a month ago i saw good old jono playing. he disappeared again though
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Old 28th May 2002, 00:32     #83
your all gay

i played tf and was in n1a and dow and lots of real gay ones not worth mentioning in between

lah > you

always has been, always will be ;]
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Old 28th May 2002, 08:59     #84
Thumbs up

HS, Razz posts under the name Surreal, he posted in that RTNest thread I made a while back.
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Old 28th May 2002, 16:40     #85


got quake in 1996, started playing online in 1997 (when i got enough ram to play it online) met such names as reznor cinclant etc, played ctf with them lots, etc etc

reznor sent me tf and i said to myself 'omglol' as the first map i played was 2fort2 and there was spygas everwhere

in clans like tft, mad and, fuck, some other ones

i played tf until probably the earlier part of 2000 when everyone was playing cs and HOMOISM was running rampant as to how SEKM was the absolute best cs clan in NZ and everyone thought SEKM cheated but we all know deep down inside that SEKM rules and you suck


you're all gay
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Old 28th May 2002, 20:58     #86
from vivisect


vivisect says you're gay
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Old 28th May 2002, 20:59     #87

is it u that lives in auckland with the number plate ncolst or some shit ?
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Old 28th May 2002, 21:03     #88
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Old 29th May 2002, 00:16     #89
Cheesy grin

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Old 29th May 2002, 10:53     #90
this thread is sew haxed !
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Old 29th May 2002, 11:50     #91
Yeah what the shit, BliP? My post wasn't even offensive, everyone needs to learn how to spell "You're" for crying out loud.
It should be a godamn crime to spell it wrong.
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Old 29th May 2002, 12:08     #92
/me hugs lifter

let it go man JUST LET IT GO DAMMIT!@~!$!%#%

p.s. hi !

p.s.s. blip rox my sox.
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Old 29th May 2002, 14:40     #93
Originally posted by MrTTTT

Most overrated: everyone that was in COM other then Purge. All talk, no play.THE END :]

*Kicks Tom - hard*

funny how a clan can be over-rated and still kick ass

I guess everyone was just afraid of us ) and decided to not play so we could win???

Or maybe its cause you got some grudges against us

Huh huh huh ?


<-- Thinks Com was full of berrry good pwayers
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Old 29th May 2002, 14:46     #94
Re: Too long ago!

Originally posted by Bushwally

some I remember um Tft, x-es I think as me or Chops would play defence hwguy but then he wanted to play all the time lol. Tf addict. Qod, Usf, UA, Dow? )

Cough.. COUGH.... COUGH

Dow was mine.... mine MINE

(Altho some of them did try n soil its good name by staging a coup de force.... I, as always succeeded in being a nazi)
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Old 29th May 2002, 16:32     #95
and you too adunaphel, i forgot you were even in com. :]
you arnt overrated. you were a legend in your own right.
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Old 29th May 2002, 19:42     #96
Overrated legend *cough*

Yeah yeah... I told myself I wasn't gonna post in the TF forum again, but poking fun at ol' Adunafelafel brings back some classic memories
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Old 29th May 2002, 22:41     #97
Impatient Patient
my essay is to come, ill type it up and then post it in like day or two

i started tf about 1 month after it was made i think..
and played q1 from like 2 months after that was made too...
so yer...
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Old 29th May 2002, 23:47     #98
but you still smell !
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Old 30th May 2002, 11:55     #99

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Old 30th May 2002, 12:15     #100
the complete life and times of silva...

will be appearing soon... watch this space.....
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Old 30th May 2002, 13:17     #101
/me watches in anticipation
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Old 1st June 2002, 18:40     #102

It all started back in 1996 when my brother borrowed a copy of quake from his mate so they could play modem multiplayer. Theyd play for about 2 hours and then after a while I was allowed a go against my bro's mate for about 20 mins, thats what got me started on quake...

After a while of that we got the internet, southnet, a regional isp which charged $2.25 per hour... anyways, browsing some quake sites I read about being able to play quake through the internet using the tcp/ip option. However, being on the 486 with 8mb ram I was disgusted to find that I couldn't load winquake cos it required 16mb! , So after a while I forked out for an extra 8mb ram just for winquake, (fps didnt change, still a steady 5-6) .... loaded up winquake, found the tcp ip option, and typed in some address, I think it was xtra's server, anyways, didnt work for some reason, wouldnt connect, so that fucked that up....

After looking round a few months later I downloaded quakeworld, had no idea how to run it or what it was, but I installed it and tried again on this one.... and I almost shat my fucking trousers when I joined onto a 6 player game of dm. It was amazing, even at 5fps, to run around and see other ppl on there who wasnt the computer, talking and kicking my ass too. I actually disconnected after 5 minutes because I thought that to use quakeworld you had to pay.... so after reading up on it and finding you didnt have to pay I was hooked on quakeworld.

People had little tags next to their names, after finding out what clans and stuff were, I decided to make a clan with a mate from school, it was called BTC - the Bad Taste Clan (after the movie). so... got a nice basic geocities page up, got some members .... and then nothing happened, cos we didnt know what CTF was, didnt know what clans did hehehe.... so that fell apart after a while. We had some good players too, Moboss, radman, noFX... thats all I can remember...

A while later I got asked to join a clan. It was a CTF clan called the Scavenger Morphers. Some member names were Uranus, Archangel, Viper, Vortex (same as tf one? dunno, dont think so). We sucked big time.... and that didnt last too long...

Then in mid 1997 sometime gib2bits told me to download this mod called TF, so I did. First map I played was southern comfort, I actually remember bits of it... was fucking confusing, what the fuck was this floating backpack for, and why cant I see shit, I almost reset my pc (old spy grens).... But I soon got hooked on it, with 2forts4, 4forts4, 2tribes and southern comfort some of the earlier maps I remember.

Then a few months after that, around november/december 97 gibs asked me if I wanted to join a tf clan called ffp, run by bob magill. I said yes and that was the start of that whole ffp thing for me. Uhhm like the last clans, I think its now safe to say we sucked, altho we had great players, some that come to name are bob magill, gib2bits, pylorus, pussy juices, glacier, axe, acid, fragbait (heheheahah), spyda, asylum escapee... and lots of others (ffp website seems to have gone bust so cant find the other names)... We played some crazy early games against clans.. Most memorable ones would have to be against the RAGE clan. I remember one game we played , or tried to play one night, on games3, no booking servers then. We didn't have a password for games3 but we tried to play the game anyway, at about 8-9 at nite too, about 5 or so ppl joined and everyone went apeshit when someone joined hehe, now there was some sledging.

Another time we got games3 booked for a 7am game on games3, that was alright, I think that was against either brk or dow.

In fact we had quite a few early morning games, cos that was the only time of day when ppl would get sub 250 pings, I remember getting up at like 6am freezing my nuts off still half asleep playing TF on 2tech3 and 2forts against the likes of mod (the original mod, not the 50 other mod clans...) , brk, dow, wamat etc etc...

After a while ffp begain to crumble under the pressure of constantly losing and internal fighting, ppl were leaving and new ppl joining, and the clan was still losing. So ffp disbanded after a long stint in the game and everyone went their own ways, to form and join clans such as x-es, com, tmc and others.

After ffp I continued playing clanless for about 6 months or so, before doing a short stint in WAR clan alongside the likes of TTTT, Markus and others, it was a good clan to be in, mostly because we WON games for a change so that was nice.... I think it disbanded after a while too so it was back to solo play.


Oh yeh just a few things I've left out, therse too much to put in, NZTF players vault started up early 1998 as a shitty 1 page site, over the next few years it had many facelifts and begain to grow and grow until there were over 300 players listed and all this other crap which I spent fucking ages working on, which I now consider a big waste of time really

FBI" - Sorry just really wanted to put that in hehe


Uhhm where was I... a while later along with Neotiger we formed a clan called Majestic12 (MJ12) , which later became ID, I think homer and brass were in this clan too but I dunno who else... then that dissipated after a while and I joined up with Brass's new clan called TW, I forget what it stood for.... but that didnt last long either....

After all that blam asked if I wanted to join TMC which I said yes... I enjoyed a fairly long stint in tmc which was alot of fun, it was a well organised clan and altho we may not have won every game, we did compete well and enjoyed success.... recently TMC put things on hold after tf began to slow down and I stopped playing , only playing sometimes on g3...

Then I stopped playing altogether at the start of this year.... and thats about it.... well not really, I've missed out a fucking lot of stuff, and havent mentioned many ppl because there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ppl I couldn't do it justice cos I'd leave out so many people, so I wont bother, but you know who you are if you're still reading this..... You try and start a list of ppl but you constantly keep remembering all these old lost ppl , so I wont try.

Maybe I'll add some more additional things on sometime in the future if one of these things ever gets started up again....


Oh a few more things..... I've been waiting for TF2 since 1998. Heh there were even NZ TF2 clans which formed up thinking they'd get some gametime soon , like the Genocide Warriors, heh I guess they're still waiting...

WKH, KTF, QOD, BRK, DOW, RAGE, WAMAT, COM, X-ES, FFP, MOD, .... just a few clans etc.... uhhm

Homer[TFT] where are you !!! I used to laugh at you spectating ppl on games3 to join your clan, but I ate my words when your clan turned out to be one of the best hehe...

Hoju where are you ! and so many other ppl !!!!!!!


Ok here are some names.... I still have the latest version of the nztf players vault on my pc, thanks to neotiger keeping it on cd... so here are some fairly old names to ponder over where they are now...

Asylum Escapee
Bad Aim
Boll Weevil
Buster Gonad
Dorkus Faggus
Far Canal
Hot Turkey (the mutli clan specialist hehe)
Limbimtimwim (aka Dr. LimBimTimWim)
Psalm69 (of the sword fame)
Purdyfly (oh wait, that was Azmodan in his Llama days.. oh wait)
Vengeful God

Lumber - crushing people is its reward.
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Old 1st June 2002, 21:10     #103
holy shit!

hey i was in wkh and qod !
yeah whatever happened to [TFT] Homer ?
or hot turkey... vampire frog?
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Old 2nd June 2002, 17:34     #104
ahha purdyfly
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Old 2nd June 2002, 20:00     #105
Re: ok...

Originally posted by silva^

Acid - Dragged into DOW... was a CTFer ...

Fanatic - Wow.. I forgot about him... what happened ??

Far Canal - Oh yes... mr Bastard himself. but he was a good sort. Another CTFer I dragged into DOW.

Googlez - Ugghhhhh .... reported this guy a few times to his ISP

Homer AKA Dirtydog, God recruited him into DOW (of which technically he was not supposed to do) ... So I helped him make his own clan. (DOW was full) .. TFT was formed

Kryptic - Good guy.. again, someone I forgot about . . Still around?

Linus - {TOON} .. one of the only people silly enough to play at 5am in the morning.... a Black robed knight. (BRK)

Lionheart - We had a few run ins But mostly good ones.

Madaeva - TFTs engineer... good sort..
Megabitch - God... (Virgin Death) ... changed his name after he was removed from DOW, hoping to get into TFT as a woman. ROFLMAO

MightyMouse - Again... forgot about him.... MOD and N1A if im not mistaken

Nerdboy - Damn good bloke... in person, at least... online he tended to nailgren everyone and anything.

Razzimatazz - Razzzyyy.... Under rated.. fine player, Last time I talked to him about a year ago, he was stoned ....

Trigger - Ivan , DOW guy.. not a bad player, not bad at all.

Others missed off your list

Riot - the infamous CTFer that I dragged into DOW ... mighty fine player, I got on ok with him but later found out he pretty much hated everyone

Reznor - Demoman extraordinare... I tried to drag him into DOW.. but to be honest.. I cant remember if I ever managed it

Did I ? he was another CTFer

Massakar (Banana skins) . good player.. I trialed him for about 3 weeks.... told him no... Then he came on as banana skin , trialed him for 5 minutes and recruited him..... tis all in the name

CCS.. Chief Crazy Shoes, trialed at the advice of Far Canal, and Recruited into DOW

T2 , currently using the name Morpheus in Quake3 ... was in DOW for a few weeks, great player.. had to leave for uni... Was one of the original members

Churn - Dissapeared for uni... DOW member

Gargoyle and Ender - Ihug admins, recruited by GOD.. they never played, and I doubt they ever knew they were in DOW... GOD was later removed for many instances of stupidity such as this. LOL.... wonder if hes still out there

Batman (From ESM) ... used the name Snow (DoW) for the simple reason he wanted to use a name that he could have a cool yellow "o" in it. . . .

heresy (From ESM) ... denied ever being in the clan, and if i remember all the moaning he did.. I wish he never was ! (But he was a good player and a decent guy... recruited by recommendation from Far Canal)

I know ive missed many..... but thats life....

lets not forget Mr Goat (AKA Killergod) , my good friend Purge, (one of the movers in NZTF) the slightly dodgy Wazo , the nasty Duo Porkfest'us. . . . . Ma n Pa TF , Slime n Shrimp... the bastard Kahn
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Old 2nd June 2002, 21:13     #106
heh use to love those early morning matches.
[TNA] Wolverine


[21:50] <hS_oF_mOnG> 99.hS_oF_mOnG: do u fags get across the water
[21:50] <hS_oF_mOnG> 99.hS_oF_mOnG: or do u fall in
[21:50] <hS_oF_mOnG> 99.hS_oF_mOnG: and type kill
[21:50] <hS_oF_mOnG> 99.hS_oF_mOnG: ?
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Old 3rd June 2002, 18:47     #107
Re: ok...

Originally posted by silva^
There I am!!! dawwwww look at me all new n stuff :D!!!!
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Old 3rd June 2002, 18:49     #108

And also, Heresy was in DNZ(DiscoNZ) with me as well. Sounds like him to moan, like a bitch. :>
I saw FarCarnal the other day, had a good natter. He's still a prettyboy.

I also remember giving Hoju shit because he was named after a dog.
......I assure you it was funny at the time.

Last edited by [Lifter] : 3rd June 2002 at 18:51.
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Old 3rd June 2002, 20:18     #109
isnt hoju a name taken from the simpsons ?!

homer says something like "bart, you could change your name to homer junior, the kids could call you ... HOJU"

or somin :(
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Old 3rd June 2002, 20:20     #110
yeh it is, I saw him playing some funky game that no one plays recently :/ (recently being about 6 months ago)

cant remember what it is.. maybe that quake 3 mod with the shooty things... opposing forces?
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Old 3rd June 2002, 21:18     #111
Originally posted by Alpine
isnt hoju a name taken from the simpsons ?!

homer says something like "bart, you could change your name to homer junior, the kids could call you ... HOJU"

or somin
yup thats where hoju got his tf name from.
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Old 3rd June 2002, 21:26     #112
Originally posted by Azmodan
yeh it is
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Old 3rd June 2002, 21:36     #113
Yea that's why he used to get shitty at me, because there's an old movie with an evil dog called Hoju, and there's also a quake single player mod(long dead by now, one of the first) with a friend dog called Hoju that helps you.
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Old 4th June 2002, 09:03     #114

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Old 4th June 2002, 11:28     #115
Yea there was Cujo and Hoju.

[Edit: Nice spelling lif]
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Old 4th June 2002, 11:39     #116
Cujo rocks
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Old 4th June 2002, 11:54     #117
Maybe the movie dog was called Cujo, and the partner dog was Hoju with Cujo.
It's so long ago I can't remember:(
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Old 4th June 2002, 18:05     #118

Isn't there a dog movie, called Kojak? (sp?)
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Old 4th June 2002, 18:55     #119
Death Define
Re: Re: ok...

Originally posted by [Lifter]

Originally posted by silva^
There I am!!! dawwwww look at me all new n stuff !!!!
Buawaahaha I remember this twat. I liked you, well I wouldn't say liked, more I didn't dislike you because you hassled Hoju which I did dislike. He used to always piss me off somehow.
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Old 4th June 2002, 21:57     #120
Originally posted by Jonan
Isn't there a dog movie, called Kojak? (sp?)
Kojak is an old 70's tv show, no dogs in it... your thinking of turner & hooch
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