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Old 9th December 2020, 19:22     #1
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 from the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Official Website

Official Launch Trailer

Thoughts? Feelings?
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Old 10th December 2020, 13:32     #2
I'm waiting to hear. My expectations are inversely proportional to the hype.

Could be a fun RPG, doubt it's anything next level. Love to be wrong about that.
Stay shook. No sook.
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Old 11th December 2020, 07:14     #3
I only had a brief spin last night but will give it more of a go sometime in the next few days. First impression is pretty underwhelming. It does not look like a game made in 2020, more like 2005.
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Old 11th December 2020, 12:44     #4
Sounds like it might have been better to be one of those... what do you call it where you buy a pre-release game, and can play the beta while it continues dev?

It could be in the same place, but with better press.

From the videos I've seen it looks very pretty. Models are still in the uncanny valley tho, movements especially. I'd have to play to get a sense of how natural the NPCs perform in their environments. My guess is the AI is largely undeveloped.
Stay shook. No sook.
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Old 18th December 2020, 14:11     #5
PS4 Do Not Want - imagine getting that under your xmas tree.
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Old 18th December 2020, 16:10     #6
Originally Posted by [fe]
PS4 Do Not Want
Effective immediately, the CD Projekt Red adventure game has been fully delisted from the PlayStation Store, and existing owners have been told they can request refunds for any purchases of the game's digital-download version.

Good thing they were happy to boast they had covered their development costs.

Last edited by [fe] : 18th December 2020 at 16:13.
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Old 23rd December 2020, 16:48     #7
Looks like it's spiked even on PC with some 8mb save file bug.

Still, I will never play this for the same reason I never played WoW. This game looks like digital crack cocaine. Deus Ex X GTA X Borderlands, gotta keep myself away from that shit.
but what would I know?
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Old 1st December 2021, 11:19     #8
Brought this on Friday, got up to Act 2 last night.

Man, but Silverhand is a bit of an arsehole.

Playing on "don't hurt me I'm too fragile" because I like nicking motorbikes and cruising around in games like this... and would rather enjoy the story than get caught up in the combat.

Quite a change from the yoof that would insist on everything being Nightmare difficulty, but only where Ultra Nightmare wasn't available.
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