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Old 21st June 2006, 18:19     #121
Thumbs up

Thanks for the NZ patch downloads guys, way easier than the blizz downloader >.<
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Old 5th August 2006, 12:03     #122
I'm having issues updating from 1.10 to 1.11.

I've downloaded 150mb patch and when i put it into wow-patch folder it won't pick it up, it will just start downloading the 450mb version :<

What am i missing?

I can't afford to download any more, I'm already at 9/10gigs for this month...
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Old 5th August 2006, 14:22     #123
How lame.

This update requires "WoW.exe" version You have an older version,
And of course, there are not to patches around. Gay.
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Old 8th December 2006, 11:42     #124
Pretty disappointed in!

There was only Chenjetsu, and no supox, yehat, pkunk or urquan!
sigh. Hrmm, you should host files under "precursor," and align rainbow domains.
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Old 11th March 2007, 18:24     #125
So i'm new to WoW and its downloading patches

Its on WoW-1.12.0-enUS-patch.exe and I imagine theres a heap more after that

Problem is as stated before, the Blizzard downloader is SOOO SHIT!

Can anyone help? All the links listed in this thread are dead
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Old 12th March 2007, 09:21     #126
Draco T Bastard
Draco T Bastard
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Old 12th March 2007, 11:28     #127
If you are an xtra isp customer you can get them from xtra games. full speed too. actual full speed, not the 'full speed' full speed.
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Old 5th January 2008, 15:40     #128
Anyone got a local mirror to the x->2.3 patch?
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