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Old 29th April 2002, 15:03     #1
Big Smile Player History

Let's see if we can get a little bit of history of each player...

I started playing Quake in about 1998, played single player to death, found all the secrets, what a mission! Although I still can't find that Raven secret.

Played some VQCTF for about a year, quite enjoyed it.
Called up Xtra one day, and was complaining about how slow the server was, he suggested to try QuakeWorld (Not sure who he was, maybe Sidbo, although he sounded quite young.) So I tried that, for most of 99.

Played QW DM FFA and CA, I happened to record a CA demo, and was watching it later, they said some thing like, lets go to here, the server I believe. I went there (beginning of 2000), I think Ice Fox came in and told me some other servers, and teached me conc jumping on Impact1.

So I decided to make a clan (as you do, being a newb), made DOH.

Made friends with F-15, who joined DOH, and got Locutus to join, who in turn got Wuffell, Rippy, Bob-dog, Jono, Martian, to join. Not to bad after playing for about a month! Most enjoyable first clan game vs FX. 6 of us vs 8 of them, and we won! :D

DOH eventually fell apart, then I joined up with Xen/Zen, with I beleive Col, Wuffell, Griff, Krogoth, Tassadar... Emporer?, probally some more too.
I remember 1 game, where on Rock2, I was assigned to disctract the yard def as scout, great fun, attack run got through, they were chasing me all over the show.

That fell apart, KeY was then formed, joined that, with Wuffell, Locutus, Martian, Asriel/Johnston 112, Daemon, Diablo, Anarchy, Ignite, Mad Max and some others. It later fell apart.
GG's vs early HMF, with lots of Aussies in it, we cained them with Scouts. :D

Joined up with s2n, played with them for a while, clan fell apart, didn't last to long. Joined up with them thinking KeY wasn't going to be in some comp.

Then, I hooked up with TNA... (what do you know Wuffell was in that too) and that is where I am to this date. :D
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Old 29th April 2002, 16:17     #2
Ooo nice topic hehe

Started playing Internet games with, of course, QWTF in early 99 :) Was introduced to it by that king of men, Azmodan.

Started playing with the nick 'HashRed', in the champion newbie clan Hash. Played one clan game, vs TNA. Got destroyed, disbanded.

By now I changed nick to 'Mojo'. Joined up with GOD, led by GreenKnight, a month or so later. Left GoD due to their inactivity soon after.

Got chatting with Thirdeye, who was forming a new clan called USF. Told me he had a lot of good players, eg Diablo, Incubus that he infact didn't have :/ At this time TTTT asked me to join POW, and stupidly I declined to due Thirdeye promising a great clan rahrah with players he didn't have. USF did have some success though, drawing a map with COM, and beating some lesser clans. I left USF cause of personal differences with Thirdeye :p

Bout this time XES had disbanded and Insanity was forming a new clan called CCC. I joined up with them. Pretty much the best clan in NZ at the time, with the likes of TTTT, Insanity, Bjorn etc. Eventually this clan disbanded.

Now Adunaphel himself was reforming DOW, and on the advice of insanity I got asked to join. DOW was pretty much LAH. We were easily the best in NZ, also playing many aussie clans, I recall just losing a close game to PnP on 2fort5r 20-10.

Joined DE after DOW disbanded, led by shoyu. This disbanded soon after.

My god im a clanslut.

Changed nick to alpine round this time as I found out there was a dm'er with the nick mojo :) Have been in LAH for the last 2 years, now playing for HMF while lah is inactive.

As for other games, I got cable in mid 2000 and decided to branch into q3. Got quite successful in that game with clan WIZ led by tf friend TTTT. Also had some success in duel comps. Play some QWCTF every now and then, coming 2nd in BR6 with LARAKINS :)

annnnnd thats it
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Old 29th April 2002, 16:20     #3
man thats long
this topic is gonna get stupidly huge :I
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Old 29th April 2002, 16:38     #4
you left out BC dave.

i started a few years ago i think, played vqctf for a while. played a few seasons of gibbs. played abit of tf now and again, along with qw dm and ca.

used to be in CWL, and UA (champion clans right there), me and deac made BC which we had alpine and azmodan secretly clan slutting :O
but we never played any games. then we flaged.

joined HMF, back when halfpint was leader :o, after that nz tf league i went off tf abit, played qwctf for Larakin in br6.

rejoined (sorta) hmf and been with them for a while :O, playing in oztf2, oh i also played for b2k who won vqctf comp(gibbs) last year, and am playing for tool this year :I

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Old 29th April 2002, 16:45     #5

ummm, I started playing a bit before Alpine, cant really remember mid 99 maybe?? I was introduced to it by a friend (oh the joys of sniping russians on a 400 ping at 3am) my first clan was QWO lead by that champion of champions Killboy and Stan 3:16 (I remember shitting my pants at the first clan practice we had becuase I thought everyone else in the clan would be grizzly old veterans, and that they'd all yell at me becuase I was shit )

After that my next step was erm... maybe nbc lead by canon, didnt last long.. then came the mighty TMC which wasnt too happy about me trialling for the then mighty TNA (ooh)

Next comes the illustrious [ID] lead by the likes of silva and neotiger (shoyus brother??), that never went anywhere, but still good times

Mucked around a bit, played a few pugs etc, and thus was asked to join vec which was lead by Warn1nght and SoulBlade.. great clan, good people, good times..

And here we are, I currently play for hmf if I have the time, I still love public tf.. really

oh yeh, and I play a lot of q3 freeze tag for nz's top clan, sFA
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Old 29th April 2002, 16:48     #6
Well i started playing TF 1 month after jonan.

Join MOW in my 2nd month of playing, at that time i was a pyro, I was called Wildguy.T hat was summoners clan I left that and made a clan called SLC
Then it was renamed to SS.
At that time Scorspy was my co leader (and ex I was called BlackAngel and she was white angel, did pretty well, only played 3 clan games and won 2 and lost 1, had ppl like navyseal in it, can't remember who else.

SS disbanded and I joined a clan Called 666 with shadow and sniper, left after a month as it turned into shit because of the leaders always fighting.

Join troopers and Anubis clan called K2K, also clan had ppl like virus, Jimmy and Venom. that lasted a while.

Left K2K and made my second clan called SAD. Went for almost a 1 on and off. 6- 0 win ratio, but at that stage I had enough of leading a clan and handed it over to another member, shich soon after disbanded.

Samson and I when SAD and WL was around joined up to be CWL, was fun.

Join INC for 1 week, that sucked so i join Key, as Jonan has already said most of the people that was in it. My name was Coc[Key]

Joined HMF when Halfpint was leader, was named HMF BA at the time.

Left HMF after having a fall out with someone and joined RPM with everclear as leader, I didn;t last long in there for some reason I was booted out for double clanning when i wasn't

Joined IND which was a mixed clan with players that were already in clans, would of owned any clans around I reckon if we actually played lol

Joined the inactive TC from Jaguars request, that was sad as all the old members moaned about me being in there, since I was promising to bring TC back to life.

Purge, Mentor and Raffe made VSD, they asked me to join, best clan I have been in, awesome ppl.

VSD disbanded and jaguar and squab made TC again, with a new look, I was made leader by jaguar then I kicked squab as soon as I was made leader since he was a dick to everyone.

Left TC and TF for a break, had 2 months off and played CS and TFC, got sick of them and now I'm back and clanless but help TC when they play games.

SO yeah I'm looking for another clan.
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Old 29th April 2002, 16:49     #7
Hmm i got a skuddy compaq presario (parents choice) about 1997 and put quake tf on it.

Clans - XR, BOD, SSJ, DOW, M16, eh cant be bothered

spent up until now putting up with it and then the athlon came

Now its counterstrike, quake3, soldiers of fortune 2 etc
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Old 29th April 2002, 17:09     #8
FUCK i forgot my gimmick clans :)

BC was funny as.. hehe batclan

Then there was F> or FURNITURE CLAN, really just LAH in disguise as newbies, in an evil quest to beat CWL into oblivion and make them disband due to losing so heavily :) It worked too, I remember stan going nuts when he found out it was us a few months later :))

ah yes
the perfect crime
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Old 29th April 2002, 17:57     #9

What did CCC stand for?
Cool, Calm, Collective? :D
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Old 29th April 2002, 17:57     #10
oh yeh
gimmick clans

erm [BC] and b2k
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Old 29th April 2002, 17:58     #11
Originally posted by Alpine
Then there was F> or FURNITURE CLAN, really just LAH in disguise as newbies, in an evil quest to beat CWL into oblivion and make them disband due to losing so heavily
hahah I have the demo of that!
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Old 29th April 2002, 18:16     #12
I started playing VQCTF mid to late 99 on a wonderful 486. I then upgraded to a wonderul pentium 100 laptop playing off a viewscreen of 7 inches during the start of 2000 :/ I then got a better computer and played 2 years of Gibs for B2K in VQCTF. During the end of 2000 I started to play a bit of QWTF, bt then I went on holiday, and didn't play it when I came home. I didn't touch QWTF again till late last year where I appeared in about 3 quick cameos not lasting anymore that 15 mins in each. (Sucking as much as usual)

Otherwise I haven't played any QWTF or QW this year and have only played VQ a couple of times so I don't really play much anymore. But then again no one cares about me so carry on
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Old 29th April 2002, 18:41     #13
I care about you
/me hugs chris
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Old 29th April 2002, 18:47     #14
Well you all know my sad story..

But yes I did forget about "fun clans"

HFF... Horney For Frags....

I was Melissa....

Nuff Said

Alias' during my stay in TFdom for the last half decade (Ugghhh)

[Tak] Dagga

And im sure a few ive forgotten.
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Old 29th April 2002, 18:57     #15
i sorta started playing tf about 98.
on an off a game every month on the good old p120.
normally was unnamed or inferno :/

kahn (rob) introduced me qwtf and got me into ORD led by paveway and revelation/hunter with guys like empy in it and shit. we got thrashed by COM 200-0 :/

after ORD went to the cleaners. then kahn hooked me up with CWP a bit later. missed the game against F but kahn told me about it the next day. CWP disbanded.

i quit qwtf for the time being. im not sure if i had a decent computer by then but i was asked to join MD. cant remember much about that one. oh yes. spider led it.

somewhere back there i was in a clan that played sfs. cant remember gg though D:

next i joined key and was in that for a while. have no idea why i didnt play in the lah game when i was better than 75% of their players at the time.

played hmf, beat them, they cried and left !

we played RPM too and lost that game. i was in rr owning up and jimhend was in the spiral. too bad the bment didnt perform. i took off on my first attack and capped. only cap in the match. i still got that demo D:

soon after that key disbanded and i joined hmf about 2 days later.
been in hmf for over a year.

we beat rpm in the semis of grenstomp 2 20-20 2fort5r, i wasnt there that map. then rock2 we won by 2 caps. me making the breaking cap in the last 5 mintues then loony chain capping. that was an awesome game. i cut off the blood flow to my lets having my leg hard up against something in tensness D:

hp left once and left hmf to DD who nearly let most wanted in D:<

hp came back for a few weeks then left and gave hmf to me which i think ive had for nearly a year ?

we came second in grenstomp 2. we are now in oztf2 and current 7th on the table after round 4 with 3 losses and 1 win


i hope that wasnt long D:

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Old 29th April 2002, 18:57     #16
ahh *click*

Milamber, Pug
it all makes sense now....
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Old 29th April 2002, 19:01     #17
shit that was long :/
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Old 29th April 2002, 19:03     #18
been playing tf for about 4 years
1 year on my mates comp 166
2 years on my p75 l33t
1 year on my p3 800

joined many clans but the l33t3st one of them all would have to be HASH wOOT

secret lover=tassadar

dont play as much tf in now days coz i have cs/tfc/dod2/q3f etc
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Old 29th April 2002, 20:32     #19
Ive been playing TF for about a year and a half, TF was introduced to me by Azmodan, he wrote all the files n stuff i needed for it on a piece of paper in Word Processing, havent played much TF recently though.

was in a couple of newbie clans.. the most favourite one being FA led by Summoner :].

then -=- Larakin -=- was formed, we had like one match i think, vs HMF, which we smoked them on, and HellStorm couldnt handle.

So after a couple of games slutting for HMF, i finally joined. Along with most of the Larakins. hehe :>!

so yer, i just pretty much idle in #clanhmf, and play very rarely on servers :].
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Old 29th April 2002, 20:34     #20
I started in 1998 (P75 with 32MB RAM) after reading an article in PC World about this quake web site. I borrowed quake and a 14.4 modem from work, got an internet connection, then connected to some DM server. Played for a minute (watched lag icon ) thought bugger this and got at 56k modem (+ quake came free).

Got gamespy (yuck), did a master server refresh, found some DM server running DM6 24/7 in the USA and played till 4am with 600 ping (got 3 frags heh). I always played on servers with heaps of players (because it wasn't so noticible when I died - which was alot) so I connected to a CTF server in USA and watched heaps of files download. Finally joined and wondered how/why can players fly (grapple) - so I asked and got laughed at :P

TF servers always had heaps of players on them so I played that. Thought that all the good players got tops in the frag list so I was like "wow I'm cool" when I got tops (once a month )

Few months later someone called WarWorm asked if I wanted to join a clan called X so I said yeah, didn't see him for a day then purex asked if I wanted to join BBC (which I did - then of course WarWorm turns up and gets annoyed that I'd joined BBC).

BBC didn't go anywhere and was asked into MOD by Stan. Something happened and MOD fell apart (surprise) so I joined TLA (Novex's clan). TLA didn't do much either so joined TA (Wuffell's clan). TA disbanded and I joined CWP (Another Stan clan).

Classic game: CWP vs F. Stan thought that F was a newbie clan (yep 8+ newbie players appear from nowhere!) and so the whole clan thought that F was going to get wasted (watch the demo and the comment "you will be owned" heh). Then F capped and kept on capping..
CWP disbanded after a crushing defeat so I was clanless for awhile.

Got a better PC somewhere here and played VQ.

Joined UA2 played a few games, quit (disband?) joined TC (not the new one) and had a damn good time. Nearly beat LAH but they chain capped on Well6 grr . TC won SE2 then went inactive because Striker buggered off. TNA was remade so I joined with the promise of coming back to TC if it ever went active. But it never was and TC disappeared . Cheers you old TC guys.

I remember when:
- I built my first sentry gun and was surprised it was still there after I died (demoz2a)
- My first dispencer kill, thought it was exceedingly funny (still do ) (sewer1)
- Testing a detpack in single player and getting blown off the map
- When proxys first appeared, someone wandering around yelling out their health and armour (outpost3)
- WARNING: U_REMOVE on full update
- foo: where the HELL do i shove this key!
- Titan asked: "what's blip mean" - so I got the dictionary and looked it up (nmtrees)

And finally:
Mirv grenade primed, 3 seconds...
Mirv grenade primed, 3 seconds...
Mirv grenade primed, 3 seconds...
Mirv grenade primed, 3 seconds...
No Mirv grenades left.
No Mirv grenades left.
No Mirv grenades left.

This is the longest post I've ever made.

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Old 29th April 2002, 20:35     #21

Well I'm not typing up a whole bloody novel like you munts :D

TF-wise I started mid-97 because I got persuaded by hardcore CTF'ers going by the name of Jingo and.. I can't remember the other but he was in the clan too :D
But yeah, I got ordered to download TF and give the regulars shit, joined oOalienOo's mock clan called DiscoNZ as DNZ-SMASHING- I can't remember the rest of our names, there was GROOVY and BOOGIE, but that's all I remember, that consisted of Jingo, oOalienOo, heresy and I(a few others but I can't remember them)
Played on and off and eventually got hooked, became fairly good by those standards back then but then aq2 caught me D: So ! I was off on aq2 for a while and then I decided to load up another quick game of TF, this time as the infamous DaSaS(Yup, alternating caps and all!) and Goo spoted my engie st33z and asked me to join his uber-suck clan AaD :D !!!, so I did, never had any clan games though.. Then I joined ifMoney's clan, DA or something, can't remember.

Then I met TTTT on the server by, typically, mocking him with my nick as DDDD, he got hell stressed over it and was all like "WHO ARE YOU FUCK WHO ARE YOU YOU FAG" then I changed to DaSaS and he was like "Oh, it's you !! hehe nah it's alright then you're cool!" I remember that whole scenario for some whack reason, we were making sentry towers on rock2 :D !!

Then I joined =WAR= played a couple of clan games, won them all.. then fucking aq2 caught my eye again and, once again, I left the TF scene.

Then! I came back as LIFFY~~~~~~~~~ ...I had stopped playing games all together for a while and when I started I had been using Lifter as my nick frequently on irc and shit, so! I chose that as my TF nick. Then I joined various other clans that I can't remember, HMF inbetween them etc..

AND HERE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!!!!

All inbetween that little life story it had me playing CTF hardcore (I was a hardcore CTF/TDM'er back then) playing in clans such as Venom, MSK, WiZ, RST etc.. In public servers I was "Ryu" and in my clan games with clan tags I was "Blade" but then later on the Blade movie was coming out and I thought "wtf I don't want my nick as a name title" so I changed to another nick :P

I think that's about it.. I started playing quake when it first came out but I didn't start playing TF till mid/late '97.

Okay, so it was a novel. Fuck me D:
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Old 29th April 2002, 20:37     #22
g f u r b y
Big Smile


Love reminisce threads!

Well... I started around end of '98, a friend of mine (Vickrin/Shadow Fox) found the mod, and we all went round to his place so he could show us. It ended up in a trip to the Warehouse where 4 of us bought Quake each .

We all had this server, but I can't quite remember it...
/runs into room next door to get dictionary and checks back- Yeah well I had to write the servers down and that was the closest thing - It was a mega server... In America :P
300 ping, and we thought it was the best thing on earth!
Then we found some australian servers and I was on them constantly... So much we thought we would make a clan.

TB - Remember it?
Yeah it was one of those crappy newbie type clans - But we were in the first OZTF (OTFCR), and I think we came about 40-50 something... Hey there were 80 clans back then!

Then one day, I searched something in altavista, and there was a link to the NZTF player site (silva's old one I believe) and we looked at some of the players info and seen a favourite server... Needless to say we all joined immediatley to games3

When we got in there we seen [COM]Slime, and he hooked us up with links to all the nztf stuff and set us all up really... THANK YOU SLIME!!

Umm we played 1 or 2 games against NZ clans (don't remember who), but we were still playing Oz clans cause the otfcr.

TB lasted for about a year, and mainly disbanded cause my friends (Ahobus, Nightmare, Psycho-Bob, Vickrin, and Raven) were all moving away from TF and some because of such bad School Cert results, hehehehe... Boy that was bad

Umm... I then joined ICK formed by... Umm... Vampyro that's it, in 2000.
Don't remember playing that many clan games for them, but I was used to make the webpage mainly anyway :/

Ummm then I had a long break from TF... about 8 months :O!

And then I had a few on off games last year... Bursary ate up my time last year...

But now I am back!
And I have seen all these new things like Bunnyhopping and no chasing rules and all these other weird littles things like DM rules in TF (backpedalling = big wussy pants) but I don't care... I'M PLAYING TF AGAIN! \/\/007!

Yeah that's about it.

I will never forget the days where I used to spend 10 minutes trying to connect to the games3 server on friday nights as it was full, and you had to wait for a time-out or someone to leave .

And playing all night and waiting for the TV signal to say it was time to sleep - When the 0900 40 40 40 ad played about 4 times in the same ad break .

And when people used to spam "0900 40 40 40" everytime the ad was on, LOL

And Canalzon on games3 with a full server - Best map on the whole rotation when the server was full!

And BvR's!!!

Now look at what you have done Jonan!
You got me living in the past again
*Insert signature here*
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Old 29th April 2002, 21:01     #23

i been playing for 2 weeks... wot is a grenade?
caflame is gay.
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Old 29th April 2002, 21:23     #24
Death Define
The most I can tell you is:
-Only been in ORD and HMF
-I cant remember how long Ive been playing or when I started
-Only used the alias Death Define (DD)

Can someone else please tell me my history?
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Old 29th April 2002, 21:49     #25
your history is cock

and you love it !
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Old 29th April 2002, 22:03     #26

fuck whos wen i can remmeber starting

i knew it was 99 sumtime on the CUTF aussie server scene ;p./..cause i didnt know anyhing about nz servers,,, =/ got introduced to quake 98 ... tf first in 99 rofl
cutf owned.... progressed from newbie clans to BBB!!!!!!!!
BBB 4 life!
joined A - clan armageddon as this was my first tf clan threw connections with BBB and stuff...cause half of BBB was A so yeah all 2000 got introduced to NZ servers by Deac aka James so dat was all good
my first nz server i played on i remember TC shoyu and jaguar carving up
joined KEY .....for a little bit
VSD thanks to RAF
hmf due to james ;p

then yeah... playing for A in oztf 2 and have been for ages now...and still in hmf currently

dats about it
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Old 29th April 2002, 22:28     #27

Let me see, I started playing a few years ago when I was over at my mates house and saw him playing DM. I then proceeded to install quakeworld and connected to the Xtra quake server. I played for about 5 minutes and then turned it off because I was getting insane ping on my 28.8K modem and was ice skating to the max :P.

Then half a year later, when dad got a 56K modem from work I tryed again and got good as ping. I played DM for about 6 months, mostly using random names, and then got bored of being beaten by hardout guys like smoth.

A couple of months later, back at my friends house I was introduced to qwtf. The first time I saw it I thought it looked so much cooler than deathmatch and when I got home I immediately installed it. Unlike deathmatch, even at higher ping times I wouldnt Ice skate much so it was much more playable for me.
The first server I played on was the Labyrinth CUTF server in aussie. Those were good times and during my time with custom I joined many clans like wump, FeW, BBB and sBs. After about a year of playing custom it started getting gay because lots of new server and map settings were being introduced like no grapple on Steal4d, my favourite map at the time. Nevertheless, the old days of custom were probably one of my most memorable tf experiences.

Then I moved on to playing regular tf on optus and camtech servers in aus, at this stage I didnt even know there were any tf servers in New Zealand until someone told me about games3 and world-net. From then on I almost always played on NZ servers as I got half the ping of aussie servers :P.

I Joined a few newbie clans including FA, summoners clan, who were totally crap.

Slightly over a year ago I was recruited into HMF by Halfpint and I have been playing for this wikid clan ever since.

gg HellStorm for keeping HMF alive.
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Old 29th April 2002, 22:37     #28

where is this hilarious demo that bliP was refering to ?

oh yer, and FA owned you Fatty, admit it >:)

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Old 29th April 2002, 22:43     #29
it was on his site


i used to have it not sure if i still do D:
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Old 29th April 2002, 22:53     #30
Devil grin

Started playing in late '98 I think. i'm pretty sure I was in 6th form. I was real hard into Q2 DM until some guy from my work told me that Q2 was for pussies and that the real skill was in Q1 Team Fortress. And I remember thinking that it had a real gay name. anyway I ran around looking for stuff on it and was surprised it was the most played mod in the whole world and I had never heard of it. So anyway I was home sick from school one day and I downloaded all the stuff and played for the first time under the name 'DragonLord'. I was sniping on nmtrees with this guy called Arran and this guy called Tassadar who ended up being my best TF buddies for the first year or so of my TF life.

My first clan was SS, led by Purex and Chaos. Soon after I joined, it was renamed to SA (Stealth Assassins) and I was told to play as sniper for all our clan matches and I felt SEW IMPORTANT. I never did find out what SS stood for.

I left SA because... I don't remember actually. I was in it for a good couple of months. Then I got propositioned by QQ and Monkey to join this new clan that he had just joined called TC and I thought it was a pretty shit clan (POOS TO ME). So I didn't join and instead joined a clan called LaG which has a real funny story associated with it. The leader's name was Ghost and anyway one day, he didn't turn up to clan practice and then we never saw him online again. I had his ICQ number and email and everything and me and Tass still remember that. Was so weird. Most of us reckon he died but suffice to say LaG disbanded soon after that.

Tass wanted me to join another clan of his after that but I was still kinda miffed that he never asked me to join SR formerly known as GREN (hahahahahahah okay GREN we will always play red team no matter how weighted the teams are and we will have red topcolours hohohoohoho). We then collaborated with Matrix and Loq to form another clan that I... don't remember the name of.

Loq, I and some friends went on to make a clan called CoE, the Corruption of Earth. With Aragorn, Tassadar, Dorkus, Blur, Dawgbone, some others who I don't remember and we got absolutely raped in our first game versus TC. Which then began the inevitable downfall of CoE and the uprising of my new ambition to be in TC.

Blur made a clan which we named SyN with Loq, Blur, Everclear, Halfpint, Scorpio and hahahahah Deamon tried to join under various disguises which was quite funny.

I was in various clans made up solely for clan battles when people thought TF was dying like iND, 5td etc... Until my big break when I joined TC. My sorta trial was to duel Swoop on sq1 which was unbelievably gay. Even with my cheapest tactics I still could not win and still they let me join.

We went for ages then SHOYU STABBED US ALL IN THE BACK which led to the downfall of TC and the rising of TNA(again). TC disbanded as various people left after Shoyu and Purge. Striker went to england and none of us had the heart really apart from Jaguar who seemed... obsessed with the idea of TC. And QQ but that was understandable as he is... funny...

I joined TNA cause Shoyu thought I was real good. Don't say anything cunt. And yeah the end.
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Devil grin

But hey does anyone know these people:

Black Hawk
His Own Willy

The first two were the best soldiers I remember seeing. I wanted to be just like them then they stopped playing.

The last one has to be the funniest name I've ever seen in my whole time in TF. OMG he used to come onto the server and I wouldn't be able to breathe for my own laughing.
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Old 29th April 2002, 23:05     #32
CWP vs F 29/12/1999 [qwz]
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Re: Player History

Originally posted by Jonan
... Emporer
>_< why did every one use too spell my old nick wrong


i think i started tf in 98 or their abouts atfer hereing about it from siv at school

my frist clan was... gren or later knowen as SR with tass and other hehehe that was funny as

my fav clan i was in was SFS with everclear and blur ect.

my funnyest clan match i played was for DOH vs LAH
i was attack scout and all of lah def went hwguy, it was fps nightmare on my 233 >_<, but its was like 5 hwguys in a real small space near the flag
i concussed them all and got a cap to put us in the lead, then they all changed back and went hardout, they won the match by like 40-10 or someting but it was still great match to play in.
I was here, here I was, was I here, yes I was!
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Old 29th April 2002, 23:55     #34
some of the clans i was in were


i forget anyothers >_<
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Old 30th April 2002, 08:01     #35
Thumbs up

Yea, that HW def was fucken funny.

GG Lah~.
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Old 30th April 2002, 09:08     #36

Originally posted by Soulless
We went for ages then SHOYU STABBED US ALL IN THE BACK which led to the downfall of TC and the rising of TNA(again). TC disbanded as various people left after Shoyu and Purge.
Actually that was my fault

I left - TC disbanded ... (Shoyu realised the clan was gonna be nothing without me so........ )

Cough... well, it coulda been like that!
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Started playing at the end of '97 I think, under the name johnston112, which was also my brothers nick. Confusing.

He/We joined UA for a bit.

I changed my name to Asriel after a bit.

Other clans were CWP, Xen/Zen ( I think), SC, UA2 I think and Key.

Favourite moments were playing on world-net, when it was passworded and when there was lots of people there. We actually played! Teams were organised and it was fun!

I remeber me and TMC-Jimi I think or NerdBoy, I can't remeber. Him on rr soldier and me demo in spiral. We totally owned anyone. And we played those same positions for a few days in a row, so it was pretty damn cool.

There was lots of fun times, unfortunatly there were some bad times too. School and other stuff eventually got in the way, but I still play ever now and then. Would like to eventually get some mapping done for it too.
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Old 30th April 2002, 09:42     #38

I remember when it was passworded, it was a good idea, but also bad, I was a newb at the time, and didn't know who could gimme pass, I bet there was some others too who missed out, and proberlly never came back.
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hehehe i can remember me and jin using sub seven on you a couple of years ago asriel. that was funny!

sif we infected you though. hehehehe
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started mid '99
from CWP --> FX --> TF --> HMF (early days) --> TFC (now)

Leaving out the countless numbers of clans made by tass

Soulless I remeber katz... joined fx and vanished soon after :/

I thought Tass hated you Gamb or was that Zerax

{! see all done in a couple of lines !}
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