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Old 9th October 2022, 22:09     #1
Devil grin Diablo Immortal

I've played a few days of this. Lots of Deckard Cain related nostalgia, it's very pretty, the engine runs well, although I haven't hit the epic levels with all the kinds of crazy stuff that can go down on screen.

It seem like the mobile playability hasn't really resulted in any compromises. I'm surprised how well it plays on my ~6 year old phone. But I'll stick to desktop.

It's a bit overloaded with features. There's comprehensive guide, but I'm days in and still following guides. I guess hardcore players will love it.

The teleport/health system is much better. No more connecting potions and scrolls. Teleporting is free, health recovery is dropped orbs or a usable potion that gets renewed by combat. There's no mana system, your attacks just have a recharge associated.

The equipment/item/gem systems are pretty good. There's no permanently locking gems and upgrades to a particular item, they can be transferred with a click to a better item. So there's not really any need to hoard or wait to upgrade. You can create a bunch of different builds for different kinds of combinations of attacks, the game guides you through it, but I don't have enough gear for that yet.

There's a decent variety of dungeons and battle types. Standard dungeon clearing, time based dungeon, speed runs, fighting without healing, follow & fight, etc. And a bunch of different party and clan based modes, PvP, clan competitions, scheduled events. I haven't figured it all out yet, there's so much.
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