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Old 28th February 2024, 17:53     #44161
[Malks] Pixie
Yeah Newshub being shut down is catastrophic for our media ecology and for our countries democracy. Ignore the international news reporting (which is mostly wire work) and look to the impacts that this will have on our local reporting.

Only upside is it's going to be a great case study for the media economics in NZ paper which I'm tutoring this year (again, <sigh>).
Civilised is as civilised does and civilised people walk among us.
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Old 28th February 2024, 17:59     #44162
My bet is the government will use this as impetus to target RNZ.
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Old 29th February 2024, 19:14     #44163
Originally Posted by Ab
Yeah , 3 is gone.

David Farrier makes a good case for why this is bad:

Having recently lost my job at Stuff, and having seen a lot of other people there lose their jobs and treated like shit, he's probably onto something.

I don't think its quite "shut down" material. Probably a lot cheaper to run that newshub was.
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Old 1st March 2024, 16:34     #44164
I thought my new job would require some data engineering but this is nuts. Tell you wot, i am nearly 40 and still need to know about the master file table. phoaah
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