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Old 27th February 2023, 17:45     #1
Post Items gone on sale a few days after purchased

Hey guys.

Is there some Consumer Guarantees Act blurb about shops having items go on sale shortly after purchased?

I recently purchased something expensive and 2 days later it's gone on sale in some promotion.
Surly that a bit unfair??

I did a bit of searching but couldn't find a specific rule about this and I'm pretty sure its been mentioned on Fair Go in the past as well...

Any idea's?
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Old 28th February 2023, 16:40     #2
If i recall correctly, CGA doesn't apply, but as a result of negative press on this exact thing, some retailers will have a policy on the matter.

Supercheap Auto for one actually proactively credits you the difference if an item you purchased goes on sale shortly after.

They definitely can't hike up the price and then claim it's "on sale" back down to the pre-hike price, but that's the closest thing it covers.
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Old 28th February 2023, 17:51     #3
Yeah, I think its a good faith type of thing and unfortunately timing.

Jump of the stores facebook page and post their to make it public and see what they come back with
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Old 28th February 2023, 19:27     #4
If it's unopened/resaleable you might have a chance - just ask for a refund, and then repurchase, or let them know you intend to do that and you might get a credit/difference refunded.

If you've already worn the furry suit and cut off the tags, you're probably shit out of luck, because they offered the goods to you at a particular price, and you agreed to that price, so you "accepted the contract". They can't resell used goods, so you got a case of too bads.
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Old 2nd March 2023, 18:44     #5
Upside down

Well that turned out to have an unexpectedly awesome outcome.

Basically some expensive computer component I brought had dropped in price 2 days later in a sale making it a $133 cheaper.

I emailed them to say I was a bit disappointment that I had only just missed out and was feeling a bit hard done by and asked if I could get a store credit.
They replied the next day giving me a store credit... and then some. A little over half a grand worth O_o.
I presume they looked at my store purchase history and decided that I was a good one to keep happy.

So the moral of the story, you never know till you try.
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Old 2nd March 2023, 19:15     #6
Stay shook. No sook.
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