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Lightbulb Map guide: invade4a

Map guide: invade4a

Invade the Castle - by [NERD]Brain

(Atleast 10 pics, 476kb+)

The attacking team (the team who spawns outside/in a cave) have to try to get the Scroll, from within the defending team's (the team who spawns in the castle) castle.

Located in here,

which is opened up by, shooting this.

Once you have the Scroll, it must be taken to the alter, in order to be read (captured).

Upon the reading of the Scroll, all players, will die, and swap roles (attacking/defending).

Within the castle are magical items, which can be used by any player.

the Amulet of Life (regenerates health and armor)

the Potion of Invisibility (grants the user invisibility)

the Magic Helmet (regenerates ammo, only shells/nails/rockets/cells)

the Tome of Power (grants the user quad damage)

the Randomizer (cycles, invisibility/water breathing/invincibility/quad damage powerup's upon the user)

the Holy Relic (gives improved armor class, basically half damage received)

Note: Only one magical item can be held at once. All the magical items can be dropped, using "dropitems". Using the "inv" command, you can see what item you hold. Some powerup's are more useful in other roles, share them wisely with your team-mates. And as always, keep a look out for hidden features.

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