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Old 1st June 2003, 16:33     #1
Map guide: thesword

The Sword - by Psalm 69

Firstly there is two ways to gain points on this map.
1. Hold on to Excalibur (the sword) for as long as your team can.
2. Capture the enemy's taxes.

Excalibur is located inside this temple. Which is in the middle of the map.

Claiming Excalibur (by touching it), will give your team 3 points, and 3 points for every additional minute your team holds it. If you die while holding Excalibur, it will return to the stone from which it came from.
The player holding it will glow.

To capture the enemy's taxes you will first have to get into the enemy's base, go into their Throne Room, and grab the key (or flag) located in there.

Once you have grabbed the key, make your way to the enemy's Strong Box (the cage like room) and open the door.

Once in, you can grab the enemy's Heavy Taxes (the treasure chest).

You must now try to take the taxes back to your Throne Room.
Your team will gain 20 points for a capture.
You will move at half speed whilst holding the Heavy Taxes.
If it is dropped (IE if you are killed) it will return to the enemy.

Most importantly, have a good look around, there are some features in the map that you may miss.

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Old 1st June 2003, 16:35     #2
That map is uber old schoo, there is the seeeecret quaaaad daaamaaage as well =D!
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Old 2nd June 2003, 19:57     #3

For now... ;D
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Old 2nd June 2003, 22:08     #4
where can i get it

and is it on se2? :>
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Old 3rd June 2003, 00:44     #5
Perhaps you should read the SE2 thread circa.
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Old 7th June 2003, 18:25     #6
will do :D
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