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I give up!!

So i've figured out i'm too hopped up on morphine to learn to code even the simplest shit

I'm hoping someone here, has an extensive knowledge of something (Excel/VBA) or whatever alternative.

What I need...

A reference grid, lets say 2 columns by 50 rows with all the prime numbers highlighted.
A new page that I can copy and paste another grid... say 3 columns by 34 rows. The new page will then go find the values from the reference grid, and copy the formatting of the cells based on the matched values.

I then want to be able to highlight one of the columns and mark them a different color.

Bring up a new page, paste a grid 4 columns by 25 and repeat copy and paste format from sheet 2 to sheet three.

Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone got any thoughts on how best I should accomplish this, or even better - if it's only a half hour of coding and someones feeling generous, could they help me with this


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