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Originally Posted by Lightspeed
Looking at getting some entry level Elac's powered by a mini 2 channel amp.
I went and had a listen to those Elacs at Paul Money. I will admit - they did bring a smile to my face with how clear they were (through a $4k amp in a brick listening room with a couch in optimal position), and a slow nod like "yeah I see why these get good reviews", but they were still "5 inch" speakers (I would have said 4 inch, I'm not sure the surround really counts). You can hear that the bass exists, but you just end up wanting more. IMHO they'd be good as part of larger (more expensive) setup (with at least a sub), but aren't a complete solution by themselves unless you just listen to audiobooks and acoustic folk music, or are allergic to low frequencies.

I had been listening to Isaac Hayes in the car with 2x12s beforehand so I used that as my benchmark bassline. Tried some other jungle/dnb through them, which didn't fare any better.
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