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Originally Posted by Lightspeed
Then there are these:

Tower Floor Speakers - 2x 6.5 Inch - Pair

Great price, great performance. Looks like they're locally assembled. Worth a listen. Can't be worse than what I have right now, and a lot louder.
Those are clones of the JV60 Jaycar design, I got a full set clearance (originally $1000 assembled, I think I paid $120), and another set of cabinets without the drivers for $18. They go hard.

Can't beat enclosure volume and cone area generally, so I'd definitely take a listen to those in the store, rather than commit to buying something brand name second hand and trying to back out once you hear them. Little full range speakers just don't do bass well.

I don't know how well those mini amps perform at higher volumes - the THD specs on the TPA3116 chip is pretty high (more than 10% IIRC) at high outputs, and you need to run them at 24V I think, so they might not be that good for long periods of time. I bought a bunch of the amp boards from eBay for my experiments. Need good heatsinks, they run hot.
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