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The "junk Logitech" set I use for making music I got for $3 at a Lions Club garage sale - Z523. I have Z623 on my TV (from Trade Me, $50), and it's THX certified for those cinema rumbles. It's seriously impressive. My brother in law boasted about "these speakers I could hear coming from somewhere in the shop and I had to get a pair - best speakers I've heard". Same set, Z623, although he paid full price at JB Hifi ($280). They're cheaper elsewhere.

Anything marketed as "audiophile" I just ignore (unless it's second hand and under priced of course - I got one of these for $50 from a lady whose husband died suddenly and "didn't need so much bass, she doesn't want noise complaints"). You can go here and find even more ridiculously priced speakers if you wanted to justify spending ONLY $4k on a pair of bookshelf speakers that will be great for listening to Phil Collins. Or get a $600 "inferior" set that will still just be a set of bookshelf speakers, and likely just as good as the $4k pair. I have Behringer Truth P2030s ($300) that claim to be "studio monitors" (flat response, accurate sound yada yada) and sound great if I want to mix properly, but I don't even bother using them most of the time because they're big and bulky and take up my desk space. If I was going to invest money in speakers, they would be studio monitors, not bookshelves.

I got a PA system (with 15" woofers) that I used at a wedding gig in January for $70 at clearance from Jaycar - some "junk" brand. I used the Alesis reference amp (another TM bargain) that I use with my Truths. Not one person came up to me and told me they couldn't identify the placement of the violin in the stereo field, or the timbre of the oboe was not accurate. If that's the sort of thing you like doing, spend hard. They were too busy dancing and enjoying themselves. I considered bringing a sub also (because junk brand, they must be shit), but didn't need to. 15s gonna 15, and I wasn't playing electronic music.

Spending shitloads on speakers for sonic perfection, and then undoing everything by listening to music through shitty quality YouTube seems a bit ludicrous to me. Again I'm only trying to help you not waste your money. If you want to fool yourself thinking you've got golden ears and have to spend the most, that's your call. We had uncle like that - had a white glove for his new stereo. The family doesn't talk to him because he's a cunt.
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