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Actually I'll just find some images and post them, because there's a lot of shit on my Instagram

This was after a serious study of skulls, I felt I had enough knowledge that I could make a stylised skull and I think it worked out pretty well. It's just ballpoint pen but I was quite happy and it's a good example of learning the basics so that I'm able to break the rules and stylise it to my 'style'.

Same deal with a butterfly, I had studied them a little bit and then was able to create my own with the understanding of how their wings worked, etc, and make a stylised version.

Another example, this time with an ugly hairless cat. After some studies I was able to make an ugly hairless cat look like he's had a hard day's work and is topping it off with a Martini! So it's not quite 'life like' but it still resembles the cat in question, with a cartoony/stylistic twist.

So yeah, hopefully those bad examples give you an idea of what I mean by having life art study as a reference point and being able to put your own spin on it, breaking certain rules because you understand them and so on.
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