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I'm not big on gaming, so my opinion is worth less than others, but I found that not all games support the newer/non-standard resolutions (especially older games), so you end up with either gross stretching, black bars/window mode or having to drop to a lower res with the right ratio. Newer games would likely support it, but sux if they don't.

Make sure you get a NVMe SSD with PCIe x 4 instead of SATA as your primary drive. There's usually only one NVMe slot, so I have a secondary SATA drive for more local space, and a big network share for everything else.

$1500 is a big chunk of cash for a monitor, if I was in your position I'd get something less extreme and put your money in the GPU instead. (Also, when you're in VR, the monitor is insignificant) I have a 1080 at home, and was perfectly happy with the 1050Ti in Wellington - I didn't notice much difference for Tekken and racing games! I didn't try VR with the 1050Ti though, I imagine it would be noticeable there. Paper/tech specs are one thing, but not everything pushes cards/computers to their limit, so you don't always gain as much as you're paying for.

I have a curved 27" Samsung widescreen, and a portrait mode Philips 24" that I use as my primary monitor (vertical res is great for productivity/web browsing, but curve is nice too). My Ryzen/1080 is off most of the time (hooked up to another port on my 27"), I use a silent i5 with onboard video that I got on TradeMe for $60 as my main machine! I expected the Ryzen to "change everything" like how upgrades used to be, but it was ultimately just a computer and I'm still the slowest part of the system.
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