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Ryzen 7 has a stock cooler. I think it's an all-in-one?

That's a nice case. For the cheaper machine, I'm not too fussed. I'll take a look around if the person I'm building it for decides to buy it.

For my machine I want a case I can seal up. I've done it before with great results. My current rig is seven years old and the dust is awful. Short regularly stripping it down and rebuilding it, there's always build up. So I need to hunt around to see if I can find a rig that isn't covered in vents. The last machine I sealed (animal filled, semi-rural home) I used hot glue and some kind of drainage filter fabric from Bunnings. It worked brilliantly. The outside of the machine was awful, but the inside was pristine.

Thanks for spotting the sync issue. I thought it was just a step down from the Titan Army 34G6R 34" WQHD, which I see is back in stock. It's worth it at only $100 more. I might got for that instead of the LG on the more expensive build. Any thoughts on curved screens? I'm going to have to sit down at one somewhere.

I need take a second look at PSUs, need to be sure I get something fully modular. I'll run a couple of different calculators, make sure I've got enough overhead.

Going to take another look at SSDs too.

Upgrading the PC, repairing the car instead of replacing it (again.)
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