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I won't deny people are trying to enlarge their influence by offering panaceas. The most intuituve solutions seem to be winning out to explain / manage the weirdness abound in this pandemic. I think we can all agree thinking fast on such a complex global event is not helping, and people who put solutions in place have been reluctant to change when something doesn't work out as advertised. (typical response being "Imagine how bad it would have been if we DIDN'T do this!?", or "It didn't work because some people didn't pull their weight. Shame them!")

So yes, some things stink about this pandemic and there's no good answers yet (like more heart attacks and strokes in 2021 vs 2020). But yet we lurch at and act on the first shitty solution thinking it's easy to swap out for a better solution / understanding.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem but laws and policies are being pushed through based on our current response before we know if it's actually working. Vaccine passports, for instance, scare the shit out of me. The vaccines don't stop transmission, but the vaccine passport certifies you can freely move through society. To me, it looks like one big obedience / loyalty test rather than good public health policy.
but what would I know?
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