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Lightbulb Armageddon Empires

In case you folk haven't already seen this on Penny Arcade over the last couple of days, I recommend checking out Armageddon Empires.

It's a single player turn based strategy game, made by an indie game development company. The interface is pretty low-tech, however the gameplay is interesting and addictive. Not so addictive that you'll give up food, but addictive enough that you'll be thinking about the game while getting food.

It's pretty cheap, ~NZ$38, 70MB download. There's a PC and Mac demo that plays for long enough to give you a decent understanding of the game.

You can jump in and play within 5 minutes, however it'll take several hours of play to get all the nuances of the game, this all being part of the fun.

Also, the guy who produced and developed the game is pretty interesting himself, with a background in cryptography and flying combat recce missions for the US Navy. Here's an interview I found to be very cool.

If you're not at least trying this game, I would seriously question you dedication to gaming and life in general.
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