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Farmer Joe
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Originally Posted by MadMax
<FORM method="GET" action="/timesheet/enter_times.php" NAME="pp" id="pp"> <label for="pay_period">Select the pay period to enter hours for:</label><br> <SELECT id="pay_period" NAME="pay_period" ONCHANGE="document.getElementById('pp').submit();"> <OPTION VALUE="{$week1}" {if $pay_period==$week1}SELECTED{/if}>{$week1|date_format} -> {$week1_end|date_format}</OPTION> <OPTION VALUE="{$week2}" {if $pay_period==$week2}SELECTED{/if}>{$week2|date_format} -> {$week2_end|date_format}</OPTION> </SELECT> </FORM>
is what I've changed it to (and have supplied code from the php rather than from the browser), however still the same result
That doesn't look like any PHP code I've ever seen?
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