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Originally Posted by [WanG] Wandarah
In the first email, I would add an introduction, an explanation of why I'm asking which includes what I'll do with the information. Yes, I know he doesn't have to - and arguably shouldn't need to.
This, and your other suggestions, are undermining the spirit and intent of the OIA. It is not up to the schools to decide whether they should hand over information based on any criteria of use or who is requesting it.

It's not about being polite, it's ensuring that the "norm" does not become something where those providing information under OIA have more wriggle room out of providing it than the law provides.

With respect, I've been involved in filling many OIAs and never seen such a brazen ignorance of the law from so many. There was nothing wrong at all with the way the original request was presented. I wouldn't be taking each school to task about it, I would collect the responses and raise the issue with the Minister for Education, and/or get a friendly MP to ask a question in the House.

The OIA is often the only way we've found out all sorts of interesting things. Let's not undermine it.
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