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Fx. 3rd September 2016 02:56

BF1 Beta
so fun
i love the artillery

Savage 8th September 2016 12:33

This version is great! The new loadout and spawn point selection screen is a big improvement _b

Heat shimmers on the sand, dust storms, improvement in audio effects. They've done really well with this imo

n3><Ro 9th September 2016 11:50

Game was a blast... but no way in hell I'm shelling $180 for the full game(incl DLC) and I dont see the point in only buying half the game(non DLC) so until it shows up in a major sale the beta was it for me.

Fx. 10th September 2016 03:22

yeah i cant see myself buying full package to start with; got bored of BF3 before the DLCs ended up actually coming out haha

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