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Trigga*happY 2nd March 2020 00:37

I give up!!
So i've figured out i'm too hopped up on morphine to learn to code even the simplest shit :)

I'm hoping someone here, has an extensive knowledge of something (Excel/VBA) or whatever alternative.

What I need...

A reference grid, lets say 2 columns by 50 rows with all the prime numbers highlighted.
A new page that I can copy and paste another grid... say 3 columns by 34 rows. The new page will then go find the values from the reference grid, and copy the formatting of the cells based on the matched values.

I then want to be able to highlight one of the columns and mark them a different color.

Bring up a new page, paste a grid 4 columns by 25 and repeat copy and paste format from sheet 2 to sheet three.

Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone got any thoughts on how best I should accomplish this, or even better - if it's only a half hour of coding and someones feeling generous, could they help me with this :)



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