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Ab 18th September 2015 12:28

What's your home net connection these days?
Here in Straya the government's official position is that the Internet is something exclusively used by terrorists and paedophiles, so net speeds are a bit of a political football.

I'm very fortunate to live in an area where network upgrades had already been irreversibly scheduled before the last election so I'm on 100mb/s fibre. When nzg was born I think I was on 28.8k dialup. What's "normal" for nzg these days?

Lightspeed 18th September 2015 12:57

Connection and throughput are fairly consistent @ ~30/10Mbps.

Ab 18th September 2015 13:00

what tech? over copper?

pxpx 18th September 2015 13:48

Speedtest gives me ~13 mb/s over copper (Forrest Hill / Milford - AKL).

(Scheduled for fibre upgrade after June 2016 and before July 17.)

DrTiTus 18th September 2015 15:10

10Mbit ADSL. Tried to get 50Mbit cable, but Vodafone couldn't find my new flat in their database, even though the cable from previous tenants is in the lounge ready to be plugged into.

*randomly terminates the cable with various loads and 9V batteries to piss off Pimp-X*

Fx. 18th September 2015 16:21

rural alberta canada
25mbit/3mbit fibre repackaged from a small ISP in town over coax

could upgrade to 50/5 for like $20/month but havent really been using the net a lot lately so meh

100mbit/10 fibre is avail but i need some electrical work done to get it

edit: this time last year was dodgy as shit 10mbit cable that dropped out all the time
thank you telus for hooking up fibre across rural canada :D

FireStorm 18th September 2015 17:00

Fibre options for me with Telecom/Spark is:



Bigpipe (another ISP, part of spark) offers 200/200. Could be an option. If you're in Dunedin and you have fibre, you're able to get 1000/500.

Spoon1 18th September 2015 17:26

We've been on cable since the Saturn days - currently on 50/2 Unlimited and after some recent upgrades are back to getting fullspeed downloads at peak times (9pm etc).

Lightspeed 18th September 2015 18:08


Originally Posted by Ab
what tech? over copper?

Yeah, VDSL.

The Edge 18th September 2015 19:03

Xtra/Spark fibre, 100/20.

Noodles 18th September 2015 19:58

2degrees fibre 100/50, work has 200/200 fibre

spigalau 18th September 2015 20:21

Home (Mt Wellington, Auckland) has 40/10 VDSL, waiting on end of month for UFB (200)

Work (Ellerslie, Auckland) stuck on 20/1 ADSL2+, no Fibre till 2017 :(

MadMax 18th September 2015 22:50

crocos 18th September 2015 23:22


Originally Posted by MadMax

Wow, that's some naff pricing right there.

creamcheese 19th September 2015 03:59

105/20 cable in Oakland, CA. Well that's what I'm paying for, I don't think I'm getting that, but I don't care enough to check

MadMax 19th September 2015 12:02


Originally Posted by crocos
Wow, that's some naff pricing right there.

it's on par.

Vodafone: $99|80GB|100/20Mbps
Inspire: $100|100GB|100/20Mbps ($85+voip) - plus a waitless/menuless helpdesk

Vodafone do an unlimited plan for $10 more, Inspire's is $5 more for 500GB, which is more reasonable IMHO

crocos 19th September 2015 12:10

Clarification: I was looking at the VDSL plans that are pretty much at the same pricing or more as most other ISP's unlimited, for a paltry 50G.

MadMax 19th September 2015 12:18

might be saying something about that technology

[BT]MikeMan 19th September 2015 12:55

Snap UFB 200/20 (Going to 200/200 on next rollover at the end of the month)

crocos 19th September 2015 13:05


Originally Posted by MadMax
might be saying something about that technology

How the hell do you figure that? Yeah, it's old, but nearly* everyone else has their shit together enough to offer significantly cheaper rates.

This is more a reflection of Inspire's lack of buying power I feel.

*Actrix is still around, lol

[BT]MikeMan 19th September 2015 15:47


Originally Posted by [BT]MikeMan
Snap UFB 200/20 (Going to 200/200 on next rollover at the end of the month)

I should say that when my plan rolls I will be getting 200/200 unlimited fibre with a homeline for $144/Mth.

BadNova 1st October 2015 13:04

I'm on fibre. 100/50, unlimited through Orcon.

Deff 1st October 2015 16:14


Yoda 1st October 2015 18:57

60/10 VDSL. Very happy.

n3><Ro 1st October 2015 20:06

UFF Fibre 200/200 here. Had to be some reason to live in the tron...

BWDOWN 7th October 2015 22:55

Vodafone naked VDSL here. Speed test consistent 35/10 regardless of time. Unlimited data for $79 a month. Fibre is laid in the street but I'm flat 5/6 and it's not worth the effort. My work is 600m away and we have spark fibre 100/50 consistently 95/25 on speed test.

pk3 28th October 2015 13:29

100/50 Fibre with 2d~

Lightspeed 31st December 2015 13:33


Originally Posted by Lightspeed
Connection and throughput are fairly consistent @ ~30/10Mbps.

My connection seems to have shuffled around to ~45Mb/8Mb. Not complaining!

MadMax 31st December 2015 14:44

100*/20/unlimited with orcon, fibre

goes good.

*actually get 105

[BT]MikeMan 1st January 2016 13:49

Well after 4 months of 2Degrees not delivering what I was paying for and being impossible to get to the support desk I moved to MyRepublic 200/100 Gamer plan and saved approx $20 a month.

All good after a week or so.

Cinclant 3rd January 2016 17:07

Just put in a 55/30 vdsl connection at the bach before Xmas.

MadMax 3rd January 2016 19:09

workmate's bach is on a beach with only a lowly rural wireless option should he want data. he's found that spark *just* maintain cellular signal out there whereas with vodafone there's nothing (but magically allows you to 'drive' a call out there and as soon as you disconnect you lose reception).

it's a funny location yet doesn't miss the usual beach going visitors and isn't far from civilisation.

he's considering putting up an antenna for his phone ... but then keeps flipping back to how he actually likes to be incommunicado out there.

Jodi 6th January 2016 12:20

*sigh* Fibre rollout pushed from midyear to 2018.

Ab 6th January 2016 15:51

My first home PC had a 14.4k modem. I think I had upgraded to 28.8k by the time Bloodrain 1 started.

Farmer Joe 7th January 2016 12:29

Sigh... but I do live in the French Alps so relatively speaking it's amazing.

BoyWonder 16th January 2016 17:22

We have pretty dire ADSL at about 3Mb/s down and .8Mb/s up. Looking at the fibre rollout map we are not scheduled until at least 2018.

But wait, the house over the back fence has up to 200Mb/s fibre available now... I wonder if they would be willing to share.

pxpx 17th January 2016 21:16


Originally Posted by BoyWonder
We have pretty dire ADSL at about 3Mb/s down and .8Mb/s up. Looking at the fibre rollout map we are not scheduled until at least 2018.

But wait, the house over the back fence has up to 200Mb/s fibre available now... I wonder if they would be willing to share.

In nearly the exact same situation, back neighbors included - only we are "Planned by June 2017".

spigalau 18th January 2016 11:19

Yay !

kRAdENkO 18th January 2016 19:37

Jelly of speeds in Dunedin. 1Gbit/sec is easily achievable there. Its crazy.

Some older mechanical hdd can't keep up apparently.

MadMax 18th January 2016 23:25

yes, all we need now is to go back to the days of dc++ and set your ppp credentials to jetstream/jetstream and randomly get full speed, unlimited, national only traffic

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