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Delphinus 7th February 2019 23:56

New Posts search not updating
I've been wondering for a few months now why searching for new posts showed 0 results about 80% of the time, when there were infact new posts. Clearing cache each time fixed it but I think I finally worked it out.


The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ''. This content should also be served over HTTPS
If I open that image, search works. Any chance of fixing the HTTPS for that please?

blynk 8th February 2019 12:10

Good spotting (if it works).
It's as annoying as fuck having to manually go through all the areas to get to the new posts.

Delphinus 8th February 2019 13:25

Another workaround was using Firefox to open the new posts link in a private window, and then have Lastpass autologin each time. Takes a few seconds but doesn't require any input.
Chrome doesn't keep the addons in it's incognito windows so cannot autologin.

blynk 27th May 2019 18:03

What's the likelihood of this being fixed?

Ab 28th May 2019 18:19

apologies - I'd completely forgotten about this. lemme poke around.

Ab 30th May 2019 00:57

ok should be requesting as https now.

Delphinus 30th May 2019 12:49

Cheers. Clicking new posts didn't work in usual (non-incognito) browser this morning, but will see if it resolves it from here on.

Delphinus 30th May 2019 14:07

Nope, no luck unfortunately. Even after a log out/in earlier, the 12:46 post by CCS didn't show up under new posts.

A site cache clear (without clearing cookes) does seem to bring through new posts.

blynk 4th June 2019 12:07

I had the same. Cleared history. It works, but then just stopped working again.

blynk 10th July 2019 14:25

Just to add. The "Go to Last Post" on the right hand side doesn't work all the time as well.
It did my head in a few times when I start reading posts from the beginning thinking it was now.

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