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DakahA 4th August 2001 23:26

CNBC on MSN Money Stock Quotes
Symbol Name Last Chg %Chg
$INDU Dow Jones Industrial Average Index 10,512.78 -38.40 -0.36%
$XAX.X Amex Composite Index 887.38 -4.29 -0.48%
$COMPX Nasdaq Combined Composite Index 2,066.33 -21.05 -1.01%
$INX S&P 500 CASH INDEX 1,214.35 -6.40 -0.52% %40 fraction of several decimal places
and NZ will be the richest in the world


New zealand will be the richest in NZ

tunnels of love on the telegraph road .

Mullet Hunter

tarzan007 4th August 2001 23:27

You've gone mad dakaha.

Quick Draw 4th August 2001 23:33

yeah but hes totally correct according to my clculations, of the sqaure root of dkaha being right, minus the probibility that he is wrong, = Dakaha being right D:

Hyper 5th August 2001 01:27

lol dakaha for united states prezident would be good ;d

Mazon 5th August 2001 10:46

so wouldnt prison

[alien] 5th August 2001 10:51

niether wouldnt cars

Logik 5th August 2001 13:36

what for?

[alien] 5th August 2001 14:28

for driving

Azmodan 5th August 2001 19:36

I'd like to see that

Smoka 5th August 2001 19:52

bob the builder ?

Azmodan 5th August 2001 20:07

Yeh, think about it

Aace 5th August 2001 20:21

i have a cool face, thats what my mommy said to me D:

WebWizards Creations -- "That last sig was a joke"
-- Aace

Mazon 7th August 2001 19:13


Nuclear 7th August 2001 21:50

Do you know what your mum said to me aace?
"I want your LD"

Logik 29th November 2003 22:00

Best thread ever.

Dez 29th November 2003 22:31


SHift 29th November 2003 23:14


Originally posted by tarzan007
You've gone mad dakaha.
gone... mad?

wtf u mean gone?!?

[EF]NIMA 29th November 2003 23:36

i think he means he just stole u r bagel.

Wake 30th November 2003 12:36

what happend to nuggets?

demannu 30th November 2003 16:32

fuck I wish I lived with dakaha and mazon

lahar? 30th November 2003 19:48

you're a fucken joke logik

demannu 30th November 2003 20:31


Originally posted by demannu
fuck I wish I lived with dakaha and mazon
+ lahar

circa 30th November 2003 22:33


Divine 1st December 2003 00:49

dakaha now lives in paeroa, hes gonna be getting dsl when he gets a phone line :)

demannu 1st December 2003 10:51

rofl... only in paeroa... only in paeroa..............................

Wuffle 4th December 2003 02:16

Some of these old quake scandals were cool.

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