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W0Lv3R1nE 8th October 2013 17:22

Is anyone out there???
Quakeworld still lives.


Ret- 21st October 2013 21:02


silva^ 19th November 2013 22:54

Games3 was 16 years ago now, move on :)

Gambit 20th November 2013 22:44

at least post the FB event so people know!

silva^ 30th November 2013 10:13

I'd be keen if you could get quake/TF for a mac - does anyone know if you can?

Gambit 2nd December 2013 16:43

no idea :<

Ab 30th September 2014 17:02

I still have the occasional pickup bash of TF2. 2fort never gets old.

MadMax 30th April 2015 22:38


should organise a day we collectively raid a tf2 server

I play most days on various servers, these days mostly the aussie defence servers as there's an achievement I'm trying to get and NZ ones have too many squealing kids.

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