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ZeroBC 28th June 2011 08:06

4on4 or 5on5 QL CTF Comp
Ok if you have a mild FPS talent and would like to play a game that's free then express your interest here. I will sponsor the winning team $500. If you get too good you will move up to div2 but you will still have share in your original teams prize money. The winning team must be NZ based to win this scholarship.

Express interest here and we'll try matching you.

ZeroBC 28th June 2011 17:05

After a lot of flaming I've decided I'd open the risk that maybe the money will go Australias way. I don't at anyway want to invest in the Australian economy, hopefully they don't get it ;).

ZeroBC 29th June 2011 01:43

I've made a quick and snappy decision, there will only be 4 teams from NZ and 4 teams from Aussie, 8 is a nice number, I like 8, symbolically it as an octopus.

I don't like those guys at gpplanet now in any way shape or form. I trialled them for a little while and their product reeks of greed and ego some unattractive qualities. In any case I'm doing business in this particular forum.

Also another decision is made. The competition is titled Retribution.

ZeroBC 30th June 2011 04:22

My current thought stream is this, since there is already 8+ established teams we cap it very very soon and just pool all the money together, we want pro gamers not amateurs now is your opportunity to become a ctf player, refine your skills and play a weekly match where if you perform you could win money, don't under perform, don't get on an Auckland Warrior losing streak.

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