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mr selfdestruct 20th August 2021 13:07

Quake Remastered
Holy shit this is going to revive Quake. Remastered in 4K, full co-op and deathmatch support on Steam!

mr selfdestruct 20th August 2021 21:52

Just played for like 3 hours pwning noobs. You cant bunny hop though and my FRJ script doesnt work hah :P

Ab 20th August 2021 22:31


mr selfdestruct 22nd August 2021 17:03

Straight up get in there Abaddon I've been playing heaps. We just played through all the eps co-op with 4 people, omg so much fun.

Farmer Joe 22nd August 2021 22:08

Hah, it's great fun! The new campaign isn't bad either. Multiplayer seems super laggy even with a ~80 ping. Any ideas?

Biggus 23rd August 2021 14:08

They’re supposed to be releasing the soundtrack on vinyl too

MadMax 23rd August 2021 21:46

Does strafing feel ... laggy to anyone else?

Giblets 6th October 2021 01:49

Do they actually have dedicated servers? All I find is self hosted games where someone always has a zero ping.

Geez it's making me all nostalgic, read some of the threads from 1999-2000 where we're all reminiscing about the 'good old days', hard to believe it only lasted a couple of years eh.

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