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Adunaphel 11th June 2021 20:16

Viva La Dirt League
Well, This made me chuckle

I was having a chuckle until I realised I was actually IN the first NZ representative TF Clan.

Some of the dramas were not far from the truth either.

I hope you are all doing well out there!

Lightspeed 12th June 2021 17:46

Congratulations on your continued existence also.

Are you playing any games now, or are you like so many others also beholden to family and mortgage?

Adunaphel 12th June 2021 19:17


I am like so many others with Thousands of unloved A+ title games on steam waiting for that day where I might get a chance to install.

Of course, the only ones I really have played recently are classics.

I do dabble in World of Tanks, but really thats about it. All work and no play makes me a dull boy.

NZShoyu 12th January 2022 22:57

May I hijack this thread Adun? Is anyone else still alive?!

Avatar 20th January 2022 23:58

Well, I've just recently came out of my bunker after nearly 20 years. Re-emerging, all I found was a rather desolate landscape...

I saw Adun appears to be alive and dropped him a message, but that was it.

Welcome to the wasteland Shoyu.

Avatar 21st January 2022 00:04

Actually, would I know you? @Lightspeed

Lightspeed 22nd January 2022 15:24

Barely played Team Fortress, so probably not.

Welcome in any case.

silva^ 10th February 2022 15:28

Did someone leave the light on in here?

Ab 10th February 2022 16:40

You can check out, etc etc

Hitman 27th March 2022 20:31

Played counter strike source competitively for a few years when it was popular, under a new nick 'Atvar'.

Now just real life :S living in Auckland CBD

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