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W0Lv3R1nE 18th May 2002 20:57

define chasing...
what do you think chasing is?
im not trying to start an argument here just ppl are getting pissed about it and some ppl cant be stuffed....

whats wrong with defending inside your base (2fort5r)before the ramproom? why is that chasing? why should the defenders have to push themselves back so far?I like defending at the entrance because it slows down the enemy's incoming to ramproom plus weakens them...i also wait untill there inside the base then i attack them ..but still people complain that, that is chasing?
i don't get it..

g f u r b y 18th May 2002 21:41

Both threads from a while ago but outline this whole 'chasing' thing.

I personally don't get it, but meh... When in rome do as the romans do...

H3llSt0rM 18th May 2002 22:09

chasing = chasing an attacker in your base and attacking them.
chasing = attacking enemy attackers outside.
chasing = attacking enemy's in fucked up places.

dont be gay.

in aus with chasing rules in place it makes for a fun game. if you break those rules in aus, you get kicked. simple and it should be enforced here to in clan games/pugs. Dont really care about public.

Russian 19th May 2002 00:02

being a cock

Vanquish 19th May 2002 01:11

basically the attackers never attack each other, unless they got the flag of course,

you can have bridge def its not chasing just damn hard for att to get passed

[Lifter] 19th May 2002 01:40

2fort5 for an example.

If there's no chasing and your outside, you don't shoot. It's that simple. That, fucking, simple.
As soon as someone steps on your base you attack them.


Why the majority of NZTF can't grasp this is beyond me.

oblivious 19th May 2002 01:52

ffs chasing is just another apart of the this game if u cant accept it, go play dm or something :o

my 2 cents

nuff said

me no say anymore on the topic.

Gambit 19th May 2002 12:36

i thought chasing was only not allowed in tfc o_O

whats wrong with chasing an attacker in your own base? doesnt this count as defending?

g f u r b y 19th May 2002 12:53


Originally posted by Gambit
whats wrong with chasing an attacker in your own base? doesnt this count as defending?
That's what I thought, but apparently if you are patrolling the ramp room you are not allowed to chase an attacker to/down the spiral or down the lift because you are meant to only be defending the ramp room.
It seems valid because - if say a soldier comes to the ramp room you are defending and jumps down the lift and you follow (chase) you leave the ramp room open to be bombarded by the medic and scout that were following him (examples :)), so it would be better to just weaken them in the room you are patrolling and let them be taken care of by the other defenders later on.
It just makes your game more efficient I guess, and it is annoying being chased.

I will admit I do chase sometimes, but sometimes I don't notice I am doing it like following an attacker to the top of the spiral... Sometimes ya just want them dead :D, and sometimes it's just been a while since you've seen an attacker and so you make sure you kill 'em good ;).

Umm.. Yeah so i hope that shed some light on your question.

[Lifter] 19th May 2002 13:00

Gambit: AFAIK if someone calls you a chaser for that reason is a complete moron. It's your base, you're ment to defend it, no matter where you are, it's the cocks who decide to shoot stray shots at you while crossing the bridge, as SOON as the enemy touches your base he's ON YOUR BASE you can't attack him.

It honestly frustrates the living hell out of me on how hardly anyone can comprehend such a simple [email protected]#&@

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WorriedFace 19th May 2002 13:33

if someone has the flag, dont it make chasing fine ?

H3llSt0rM 19th May 2002 14:06

yes if the flag goes outside then its an all out wall everyone fucking up each other.

in tfc chasing is not allowed.

and chasing someone from the ramp room to the basement is perfectly acceptable. chasing someone from the bridge to the base is not.

bliP 19th May 2002 14:12


Originally from OZTF2 Rules
04.7 Chasing
Whilst not a cheat chasing effectively serves a purpose to ruin a game, as it can quickly cause things to degenerate into worse than public game conditions. So put simply: dont do it.

Our definition of chasing is to 'follow' an attacker from the other team, back towards your base, either to shoot them or hit/affect then with a grenade.

There is a distinct difference between dropping back an extra defender when needed and chasing.

There is also no acceptable reason for someone to chase, if you accidently get shot by an enemy attacker whilst still in your base, get over it. If you chase them because of it, then you will be dealt with.

04.8 Excessive defence
If a clan goes all out defence with the goal to force a draw then they face the possibility of disciplinary action being taken out against them.

Please note that there is a difference between that and dropping back an extra defender or two when your flag is in trouble.

Hemebond 19th May 2002 19:19

WTF is wrong with you people? No chasing? No shooting attackers?

You all sound like a bunch of sulking babies who got base-raped too many times.

Christ, I'm glad I don't play TF.

H3llSt0rM 19th May 2002 19:40

fuck off you piece of shit.

if you dont play the game. dont fucking comment.

Jonan 19th May 2002 20:00

I was under the impression that chasing is when an attacker turns back around, and _chases_ the incoming enemys, back towards his base, or even stays still and shoots, slowing down the game, as both players aren't being effective in attacking.

If they are in my base, they are gonna get shot, and should expect it, as I do.

If I get shot outside/on bridge, with a non-explosive weapon, once, I'll let it go, but if it is repeatitive, I'll counter.

If a explosive weapon, they will definatley get retaliation, especially if I am a lighter class, I could be almost dead.

If you shoot on the bridge/outside area, expect so retaliation, that's why people don't like it, as it promotes chasing, and then lessens the game, not to mention the action for defence.

[Lifter] 19th May 2002 20:44

Hemebond, you rape children, your parents didn't want you, you were a mistake and you have no penis to speak of.

What's that? All of that was wrong?
Guess I shouldn't comment on something I know nothing about then.


rax 19th May 2002 21:16

yeh good call lifter

Moose 19th May 2002 22:00

Ok I don't really get it, but there are set rules (or rules people should go by) on who/where you can kill?

[Lifter] 19th May 2002 22:04


If they're not in your base, you don't touch them.
If they are, you shoot them.


Moose 20th May 2002 00:15

hmmm ok. Sounds like a really stupid 'rule' but I guess if it makes the game more enjoyable then maybe. I guess I'm in no position to speak but to me it just seems weird how you're not supposed to shoot people in some places when killing others is the aim of the game :)

I'm guessing it just kills the game :/

Fatty 20th May 2002 01:33

some people are slower than others.

Nutter 20th May 2002 03:37

So let me get this straight, your not aloud to attack other players on the mid field between bases unless they have/are tryin to move the flag?

But spaming rockets when ur speed jumping is sewwwwwwwwww fun :D

[Lifter] 20th May 2002 07:38

Maybe you're wrong.
Maybe it's not the aim of the game.

Maybe TF is different to what you've played.


Nutter 20th May 2002 11:57


Originally posted by [Lifter]

If they're not in your base, you don't touch them.
If they are, you shoot them.

So if your in their base, only they can shoot you? You don't touch them? :p

H3llSt0rM 20th May 2002 12:27

gg nutter......

[Lifter] 20th May 2002 13:00

I thought there was nothing in the world that's worse than your TF playing abilities.
Your humour sure proved me wrong.

H3llSt0rM 20th May 2002 14:00

omg shot lifter :D!

WorriedFace 20th May 2002 18:00


W0Lv3R1nE 20th May 2002 18:07

so in conculsion we have come to...
Chasing = Attacker attacking an attacker
Defender attacker a attacker (vice versa?) outside thier base

Chasing does not count if you attack an attacker within your own base anywhere


Nutter 21st May 2002 02:18


Originally posted by [Lifter]
I thought there was nothing in the world that's worse than your TF playing abilities.
Your humour sure proved me wrong.

Really lifter, show some maturity.

When have you even seen me play tf?
GG lifter.

[Lifter] 21st May 2002 07:41

You knew damn well what I was talking about in my previous posts and the only retort you can ever use is "show some maturity"

How about, fuck off. I've seen you play plenty of times, I've seen you die plenty of times.

H3llSt0rM 21st May 2002 12:00

i remember playing nutter under alias when i was on the p120. AND I BEAT HIM MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

te DrZyb 21st May 2002 13:14

"when killing others is the aim of the game."

gg ignorance

[Lifter] 21st May 2002 13:16

you don't belong here :>

The fact of the matter is chasing is now a part of this game, you can like it and play happily in the feilds of bunnies and sparrows, or you can not like it, chase, get banned and cry.

Your choice really !

Nutter 21st May 2002 13:16

Everyone dies when theyre playing tf lifter, go figure. I made a "light hearted" post and u choose, yet again to take it and make it into something bigger....

Hellstorm, you were using an alias or me?
I dont play under alias's in tf or any game anymore... whats the point :/ I havn't clamed to be good, I dont play enought/havent played for ages so theres no hope of me being good, or 'leet'

H3llSt0rM 21st May 2002 13:21

i go under alias a bit just to keep the peace :)

[Lifter] 21st May 2002 13:56

I didn't make it into something bigger. Mine was light hearted also, but it was just a case of "it's funny cause it's true"

poow nutty !~

H3llSt0rM 21st May 2002 14:21

give it up nutter....

Nutter 23rd May 2002 02:19

Id find the picture of the bandwagon here for you hellstorm, but i cant be bothered :P

Lifter, light hearted? Where did it show that? Nowhere... and through previous expirence with you... do you blame me for thinking other wize? :/

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