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Lightspeed 11th August 2018 22:29

Never too much DOOM.

DOOM ETERNAL Gameplay Demo (Quakecon 2018)

Fx. 13th August 2018 02:44

i require this

..wonder when they'll be fully vive/occulus compatible :O

Ab 29th August 2018 11:48

While it looks fucking insane, am I the only one feeling that itís just not very DOOMy? It looks more like Serious Sam Eternal.

Lightspeed 6th April 2020 18:05

The game lives up to the hype. Everything is gratuitous. Exploration, acrobatics (?), and lots of high speed, panicked combat. I like how they've fleshed out the story, although the DOOMguy worship is... gratuitous. And fun.

Very pretty, runs very fast.

Lightspeed 6th April 2020 18:12

The music and ambiance are powerful and effective. You really feel the horror and dread, then power as you tear apart demons.

Lightspeed 15th April 2020 00:40

The game is going great. Some of it is very challenging, it gives you a leg up if you need it.

Fucking hate the Bethesda launcher. I got four or five (or six?) launchers going on and it's definitely the worst. Takes me three, four goes to get into the game sometime. Literally pops you out of the game to sell you another game.

StN 30th April 2020 14:11

A strange twist of fate - hoping the boy buys it on his X-Box so I can have a play...

My plans to upgrade my gaming rig to something beyond my GTX980Ti got scuppered by Covid-19 and the awesomeness that is remuneration cutbacks.

BadNova 13th May 2020 22:49

It's not as good as doom 2016 was

[fe] 16th May 2020 11:24


Originally Posted by BadNova (Post 2011226)
It's not as good as doom 2016 was

Bugger - Doom 2016 was a blast.

Nothing 16th May 2020 19:00

I mean, 'not better than Doom 2016' is subjective. There are plenty of people who think it *is* better, and even if you're one of the people who think it's overall not better, you still have to admit that despite it potentially not being as good in some ways, there are still other ways that it is better. For example, load times are a fraction of what they were in 2016, and despite the overall graphical improvement, general performance has not suffered. If you have a GTX980Ti, you're not going to have any problems with running Eternal at all, it'll be silky, buttery smooth.

The gameplay loop is good, imo. It is a bit changed from Doom 2016, but not necessarily in ways that make it worse. I really think it just comes down to preference.

Lightspeed 6th July 2021 21:52

I swear every time I launch this game it's mutli-GB downloads. And somehow it lost my save game.

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