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Lightspeed 5th February 2008 17:54

Armageddon Empires
In case you folk haven't already seen this on Penny Arcade over the last couple of days, I recommend checking out Armageddon Empires.

It's a single player turn based strategy game, made by an indie game development company. The interface is pretty low-tech, however the gameplay is interesting and addictive. Not so addictive that you'll give up food, but addictive enough that you'll be thinking about the game while getting food.

It's pretty cheap, ~NZ$38, 70MB download. There's a PC and Mac demo that plays for long enough to give you a decent understanding of the game.

You can jump in and play within 5 minutes, however it'll take several hours of play to get all the nuances of the game, this all being part of the fun.

Also, the guy who produced and developed the game is pretty interesting himself, with a background in cryptography and flying combat recce missions for the US Navy. Here's an interview I found to be very cool.

If you're not at least trying this game, I would seriously question you dedication to gaming and life in general. :p

Wally Simmonds 5th February 2008 18:57

Downloading now, looks like it might be interesting

Madman 6th February 2008 02:49

Yeah this looked pretty neat - I'm gonna check it out tomorrow I think.

?>Superman 6th February 2008 08:28

Is this one of those games you can get really pretentious and self-righteous over like Darwinia?

p.s downloading now :)

Ajax 28th March 2008 21:33

AE rocks. A mini-expansion called Cults of the Wastelands has been out for a few days. It adds several aggressive independent factions and has a load of gameplay tweaks and fixes.

Lightspeed 29th March 2008 00:06


Lightspeed 14th April 2020 23:38

I really want to play this right now...

Ajax 17th April 2020 20:31

You can still buy it from Cryptic Comet, or email them for a new download link if you bought it before.

Lightspeed 18th April 2020 15:37

I ended up buying it again. I figured it would look terrible, but was surprised when I tried the demo how good it looks. All it really needs is a high res mode.

It's as good, and as tricky, as I remember.

Ajax 21st April 2020 10:43

Great little game, agree that an HD version would be nice. Think I'll install it again.

Native 7th May 2020 15:16

Reinstalled and play last weekend.

Still stacks up well.

Wonder if he made any other games?

Lightspeed 27th June 2020 01:53

Yeah, he made a few:

I played Solium Infernum, it was good fun and the map wrapped which work well. But I enjoyed Armageddon more.

The creator Vic Davis apparently makes board games as of 2015.

My bet is if you emailed [email protected] he'd reply.

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