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Cyberbob 5th November 2021 22:12


Originally Posted by Jodi in 2011 (Post 1858200)
Sold 50 btc for 74 NZD.

Yup - real money.

Good times.


Originally Posted by Jodi in 2021 (Post 2018303)

Please tell me that's what you either cashed out, or are currently sitting on, and not lost opportunity.

Trigger 11th November 2021 16:48


Originally Posted by Jodi (Post 2018303)


shoulda coulda woulda...

I mean, who'd have known DOGEcoin was also the winning choice? I mined some of that, and traded it for POTcoin, and then sold that for like $4k back in 2017

would be worth trillions now I'm sure

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