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Phantom 18th December 2007 13:18

Thought we should gather up any podcasts that people listen to into some sort of sticky...

I'll kick it off:

I listen to 1upyours religiously (about 2 hours, weekly), also downloading 1up Show, watching it whenever I get some spare time (weekly, video, tends to be about 30 minutes i think?).

Kryten 18th December 2007 13:29

I listen to all of the 1Up podcasts and would recommend them to everyone (including Retronauts, Sports Anomaly and Legendary Thread - YMMV). I'd definitely put GFW Radio over 1Up Yours as a favourite though but listen to them both religiously - both are better than EGM Live. Ziff FTW.

I've tried the Joystiq and Bungie podcasts but have deleted my itunes subs for them - the Bungie one was ok as Halo was getting closer to release (it's also no surprise that it's run by Luke Smith, formerly of Ziff and the 1Up podcasts).

GameTheory is generally pretty good (it's the guys formerly from the Next Gen podcast).

lambchop 19th December 2007 19:06

yeh never miss a 1up yours or the 1up show ,,,, usually listen to EGM live as well.

full moon show is good if you like things R&C/resistance, think they are on a break though.

and criterion's pod cast is good for behind the scenes stuff re burnout paradise city ...but alex ward and the crew are pretty hard to listen too at times ... good for info though.

TD 19th December 2007 19:30

I listen to the ShackCast.

Never heard 1upyours. How do they compare?

Kryten 20th December 2007 20:11

Player One isn't too bad, although it's another "let's do this over Ventrilo" type podcast.


Originally Posted by TD
I listen to the ShackCast.

Never heard 1upyours. How do they compare?

I've gave Shackcast a listen, it was ok. I won't be deleting it from iTunes, put it that way. 1upyours is (IMHO) way better though and would be well worth your time. It's worth noting that the 1up podcasts are recorded with everyone in the room together, using decent gear (for some reason Sports Anomaly is always encoded at a really low bitrate, probably because they're always shouting).

Kryten 22nd December 2007 10:07

Bit of pimping here, but this weeks GFW Radio is brilliant and if you haven't listened before it's well worth your time. Don't let the name fool you, they rip into MS on a regular basis and it's not all PC gaming - this weeks show has a big discussion on Super Mario Galaxy and Mass Effect.


Kryten 31st December 2007 17:34

Two more to add, Gamers With Jobs and All Games Interactive (slightly wacky).

They're helping to fill the holiday lull and the "OMG this job I'm doing in the yard is so boring give me something to listen to so I don't go mental" moments of the holiday :)

lambchop 16th February 2008 17:45

check next week ..there's a whole series of special podcasts going up for GDC.

lambchop 20th February 2008 17:27

1up at GDC

Kryten 20th February 2008 20:22

It's an epic week for 1up podcasts, that's for sure.

Kryten 2nd March 2008 21:53

Episode 2 of Blizzcast is up. It's ok, they've got a way to go (loosen up already! sheesh!) but in this episode Chris Metzen drops some cool stuff about the original Starcraft (which sounds massively spoilery, btw).

lambchop 8th March 2008 16:05

have to 2nd that vote for game theory, good stuff.

btw 1UPyours does a preshow warmup vid now, watch it here:

silva^ 8th March 2008 17:16

Do these have to be related to games in some way? Seems an odd forum to post it in otherwise.

Anyways Revision 3 has a few good podcasts I get on a weekly basis: Diggnation, Totally Rad Show (fav), Webdrifter, and Internet Superstar.

Kryten 23rd April 2008 10:47

New one, One Life Left. British, really well made and rather entertaining. Particularly the "adult content" disclaimer at the beginning.

Kryten 13th August 2008 06:32

Giant Bombcast

Kryten 7th January 2009 15:54

1Up just got sold, integrated into UGO and basically anyone you cared about (who was left) has been fired. Fuck.

Phantom 7th January 2009 19:00


Originally Posted by Kryten
1Up just got sold, integrated into UGO and basically anyone you cared about (who was left) has been fired. Fuck.

This is such terribad news, i'm absolutely gutted

Ultimative 7th January 2009 20:05

That sucks. Hopefully the guys who have quit/been let go will do something of their own, looks like there's enough experience in who's gone to start something good. Look forward to seeing/hearing what Shane, Phil, Nick, etc get up to in the hopefully in the not too distant future.

Ultimative 10th January 2009 21:47

For those interested, some of the guys who did 1UP FM have released the first of their new Podcast, RebelFM. Also, it appears that the 1UP Show guys are working on their new show, the first one to be released next Friday (US time).

TD 11th January 2009 00:15

1UP Yours had become my favourite gaming podcast :(

Kryten 11th January 2009 07:54

I've started listening to Idle Thumbs as well, worth a go.

Since I'm sure everyone cares, my rotation looks like this now:

Gamers With Jobs
Rebel FM (hopefully)
Blizzcast (when it's around)
Player One Podcast
Fanboy Lunchcast
Idle Thumbs
One Life Left

Damn that looks short without 1Up Yours, LAN Party (RIP Brodeo), Legendary Thread, 1Up FM and Retronauts :(

Spink 21st August 2009 15:13

I don't consider myself as actually owning a console (I have a Wii but only 3 games :() but I still listen to console related podcasts when boredom and ability to destroy said boredom meet a perfect reverse correlation.

Major Nelson's podcasts can be pretty fun and I like the saffa dude on the joystiq podcast. Wouldn't go without Penny Arcade podcast either but that's not really platform specific.

in order:
<need to itunes for joystiq's pretty much>

Penny Arcade podcasts are so hilarious to me that I'll often put one on before I go to bed instead of reading or watching an ep of sealab/aqua teen some nights and I still find myself uncontrollably laughing out loud at some of the shit in there.

s0nic 21st August 2009 15:20

yeh i really like ludwig from the joystiq podcast. i thought the penny arcade ones are really rare??

Kryten 11th June 2010 09:59

Weekend Confirmed, Garnett Lee's new podcast at Shack has hit it's stride and is quite good (drunk Garnett has yet to make an appearance, thankfully).

Slightly off-the-wall, but Wizards of the Coast have been posting a new series of podcasts featuring Scott Kurtz of PVP and Jerry and Mike from Penny Arcade playing AD&D. Parts of it are drop dead fucking hilarious and although I don't especially like Dark Sun, it's still interesting to listen to (and has made me want to buy the new AD&D rule books, if only to have around for reading).

TnT 4th October 2010 23:18

Does this really need to be sticky? Honestly?

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