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TnT 25th March 2006 18:10

The thread for Xbox live gamer tags

You may also want to stick your nzgames forum name into the motto section of the gamerprofile so that people know who you are when adding them.

I'll be merging all posted names into the top post. profiles are being used so people can see who's got what games. Thought that might be of interest too.

Go to MyGamerCard.Net and follow the bouncing ball from there. It'll generate the bbcode for you to cut and paste.

/edit: I've done away with the image sigs, was taking to long to load the thread.

and thanks to xpandnz for this info below

You can also add people online here

much easier then having to use the controller or Messenger Kit

TnT 2nd August 2008 09:43

NZG Nick: Xbox Live Nick
Incubus: Kiwi KJH
Kickass: Celeron655
Kidona: Kidona
Skanks: SkanksNZ
Clay: ClayNZ
Saladin: Saladin Indie
Badnova: NZNova
p-b: Sparta NZ ii
cryocore: Cored
Phantom: phantz
creamcheese: cheeserNZ
FireStorm: holmium
badassmofo: ArrogantStar
Brandoo: BrandooNZ
Jeff Sichoe: Jeff Sichoe
chiQ: chiQ
untouchable: xkeelhaulx
Thomas: sue me jack
Heyzoos: Heyzoos
growl: sengoku nz
fobski: fobski
Jin: MultiNZ
PiNg`: theupbeat
Shock: Shockla
Wally Simmonds: Wally Simmonds
Golden Teapot: sprogsley
AkiaNZ :akiaNZ
Ragoon Attack: Womz
Spock: Spock tM
Kryten: Kryten NZ
MrGreen: EvilGingeUK
Sgt Seb: sebjrNZ
Menace: Menace IIIIIIII
Bathtub: BathTubNZ
StNz: StNz
RedeviL: redevilnz
Vivasanti: Vivasanti
red house: mattjrw
amourking: armourking666
TD: JimmyNeutronNZ
plaz0r: Zubbert
Flick: minxtruck
Flicks boy: rucky ducky
Pixie: Millycent
blackwinter: RankinNZ
Cartman: Dingardo
s0nic: s0nicnz
P-Money: PottsyNZ
fidgit: fidgitnz
tarzan007: sneezemeat
xpandnz: xpandnz
Baal: rmerry

p01s0n 22nd October 2008 14:30

p01s0n : rotorlord420

blackwinter 22nd October 2008 14:52


Larno 21st February 2009 01:05

Add me to the list :)


Pleb'a 25th February 2009 11:06


akianz 19th May 2009 12:33

akianz = akianz

riven 30th June 2009 00:38

uTired2 15th July 2009 22:13


Wolf-age 6th September 2009 18:11

Xbox Live gamertag - Very Bad Uncle

JAYJAY 7th October 2009 20:52


Scumbag 19th January 2010 22:07

Scumbag = ScummyNZ

Adakar 19th January 2010 23:31


surprise surprise..

Body Count 16th April 2010 11:38

KzN Body Count

vorlon 11th May 2010 20:21


xin 13th May 2010 22:42


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