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Lightspeed 23rd January 2016 08:20

Darkest Dungeon
This game is super cool.

It's a turn based RPG/strategy that's a kind of cross between Torchlight, XCOM and Grimrock. With great style and ambience.

You have a roster of heroes of various classes that you send into dungeons in squads of four. Dungeons are a basic 2D side stroller, combat is in formation from front to back. Different classes suit different positions in formation.

The game constantly saves, you can only load the back to the point you quit. So you have to be prepared to abandon quests and lose heroes.

You have to manage the stress of your heroes, it's almost as important as health. It's great, one over stressed hero can stress out the rest of your squad, everything can collapse very quickly. I once finished a tough battle only to have my entire squad die from stress immediately after. There's a chance heroes can rise above as well, occasionally excelling when stressed.

There's loads of depth to the game. DRM free on GOG.

Lightspeed 25th January 2016 14:09

Damn. Left one of my guys behind to die in a pot, to be eaten by a hag. This game is brutal.

Lightspeed 10th November 2019 14:49

Alright, back to this suffering.

Nich 11th November 2019 11:10

A death by inches.

Here's my tip:
- Clear the dungeon without clicking on any curios (also, make sure not to have any compulsive, curious quirks in your party 'cause they'll open all sorts of shit against your will)
- Don't use food to heal
- Don't use healers to heal unless there's just 1 enemy remaining
- On the final battle (or estimated final battle), snuff out the torch
- Make your way back through the dungeon in pitch black, all curios will now yield extra loot and heirlooms.

... and for god's sake don't put your torch to the red orb curio unless you want a bad time.

Lightspeed 11th November 2019 19:58

Cunning insight.

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